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Travel Insurance is relevant to those traveling abroad as well as those undertaking domestic travel within the country. Medicare and most domestic health insurance plans do not offer the required protection while one is overseas in a foreign country. Many HMO plans will only offer coverage within the local state boundaries.

Travel Insurance plans can be broadly classified as those that include trip cancellation benefits and those that don’t include trip cancellation benefits. Both types include coverage for medical bills in case you fall sick or get injured; the plans that include trip cancellation benefits offer reimbursement of non-refundable trip costs in the event you have to cancel or interrupt your trip.

Travel Insurance Quotes

Trip Cancellation Insurance
International Medical Insurance - Short Term

Travel Insurance International

Travel Insurance International coverage plans work without boundaries. Medicare recipients and those with HMO type of insurance coverage can obtain benefits for overseas medical, evacuation and trip cancellation by selecting an appropriate travel insurance for international travels. If you are traveling to a high risk (war and terror) area or those areas with travel warnings issued by US Dept. of State then most plans have very limited benefits. Please call 877 593 5403 and we will be glad to provide you a plan that meets your special risks.

Travel Health Insurance

Travel Health Insurance plans cover doctor visits, hospitalization, surgery, prescriptions for sicknesses and injuries. Coverage can begin the next day and no medical tests are required. You can get a quote and compare details and purchase Travel Health Insurance online. Travel Health insurance plans offer limited coverage for pre-existing conditions and preventive care. Most plans offer Travel Assistance services to help you find a doctor or hospital abroad. Medical Evacuation to the nearest adequate medical hospital is typically included in the coverage.

Trip Cancellation Insurance

Travel insurance plans with Trip Cancellation benefits are typically package plans that include benefits for loss of trip costs/investment, medical expenses, evacuation, baggage etc. These plans are ideal if you would like to protect your investment in the cost of the trip. Reimbursements for the trip costs is available if you cancel your trip because of a covered reason. Trip interruption coverage can cover the costs of coming back home in the middle of your trip if a covered reason forces you to shorten your trip. Some plans also offer ” Cancel for any Reason” upgrade to cover Cancellations for any reason. Optional Medical Evacuation back to the home country can be purchased with this class of plans. These plans are great for trips less than 30 days and those seeking good coverage for baggage, cancellation of cruises/vacations due to hurricanes and terrorism.

Insurance Resources

If you travel to high risk areas and are primarily seeking coverage for accidental death and dismemberment of a limb then the high limit accidental death policy can work well for you.
The plan can pay in the event of a loss of life due to an accident in a high risk war zone, see  for details.

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