Annual Travel Medical Insurance

Annual Travel Medical insurance is ideal for busy executives and frequent travellers who make multiple trips each year abroad. Yearly Travel medical insurance removes the inconvenience of purchasing medical insurance each time you travel abroad. Annual insurance plans cover all trips made within a year that are each less than 30 days. This ensures you are covered on all your trips.

Yearly Travel Medical Insurance Plan- Patriot Executive

The Patriot Executive plan offers comprehensive medical coverage for travellers and executives travelling abroad.
For a flat one time annual rate you can be covered for multiple trips within a year.
Each trip can be for a maximum of 30 days before which the insured must return to the home country/country of citizenship.
The insureds must posses valid individual or group coverage health insurance in their home country and be below age 76.
Patriot Executive International is designed for insureds who are US citizens travelling abroad. Patriot Executive America is designed for insureds who are non US citizens traveling around the world.
Plan offers coverage for sicknesses and injuries.

Long term travel medical insurance

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