Annual Travel Insurance Trip Cancellation

Annual travel insurance trip cancellation plans are Annual Trip cancellation plans that cover mutiple trips in 1 year. This is very convenient for a frequent traveller because only 1 plan has to be purchased to cover multiple trips in 1 year. For busy travellers who need econominal and convenient way to purchase travel insurance for multiple trips Annual Travel Insurance Trip Cancellation is the right choice.

Yearly Travel Cancellation Insurance Plan

TravelRite from TravelGuard is an excellent choice of Yearly Travel Cancellation Insurance.
TravelRite Annual plan is ideal for frequent leisure or business travelers who are looking for basic annual coverage plus many specialized services.
Coverage includes medical, baggage, hotel overbooking, collision damage protection for rental cars, credit card protection and more. Trip cancellation and Trip interruption coverage can be added to basic coverage.
Coverage is good for one year regardless of the number of trips taken, with maximum trip length for any individual trip not to exceed 90 days.

Long Term Travel Cancellation Insurance

Purchase the TravelRite plan and get quotes online.
Review plan details and description in the TravelRite brochure.

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