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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • 20% travellers do not purchase international travel insurance

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A recent poll survey reveals that 20% of holiday travellers risk going on a holiday without buying a suitable travel insurance policy. Cheap internet deals for a variety of destinations are available within a few clicks of the mouse. In this excitement, many people choose to go on exciting vacations but neglect the importance of protecting their family by choosing a tourist insurance plan.

The percentage of men deliberately choosing to be uninsured is relatively higher as compared to women. About 4% of the population who participated in the survey revealed that they have never taken any travel insurance in the past!

In addition, the alarming research revealed that people in their 20s think that purchasing a travel medical insurance is just a waste of money at their young age and nothing critical would happen during the trip that they need to be really protected.

Among the people who purchase tourist insurance plans, more than half of the respondents buy their own travel insurance while about 14% of them still prefer to purchase it from their travel agent.

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