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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • Salvador Dal in Shanghai

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“Salvador Dal in Shanghai”  /EIN News/ The STRATTON FOUNDATION and THE DAL UNIVERSE in partnership with Uwantart Gallery and The Art Fair Company, are honoured to present an exciting exhibition dedicated to the renowned artist and master of Surrealism, Salvador Dal. The exhibition Salvador Dal in Shanghai is a rare collection of artworks that will delight and surprise. Opening July 31st and on view till the 14th of August at the Shanghai Art Museum, it continues to run throughout August at the Art Shaker.  The exhibition Salvador Dal in Shanghai commemorates the 20th anniversary of Dal’s death and displays the artist in all his glory.  Curator of the exhibition and President of the Stratton Foundation, Mr Benjamin Levi is an avid collector and expert of Dal’s work. A personal friend of the artist, Mr Levi has assembled the collection over the past forty years, carefully selecting each artwork in order to bring various aspects of Dal’s lifework to the public eye.

  As an artist, Salvador Dal needs no introduction. He will always arouse interest, speculation, discussion and most of all, pleasure. An exhibition of epic proportions, the visitor will take an unforgettable tour of over 350 artworks.  This is the only collection of it’s kind in the world, featuring the largest grouping of bronze sculptures such as the ‘Space Elephant’ and the ‘Buste de Femme Retrospectif’.  The show also displays a staggering number of rare graphics illustrating the great themes of literature, such as the ‘Divine Comedy’ and ‘Hamlet’.

Beautiful shimmering glass sculptures, Dal inspired furniture, collages of the mystical ‘Tarot’ and the Mae West’s Lips remind us that Salvador Dal was a multi facetted artist who explored a wide range of themes and materials.  On show for the first time in China, are a collection of original drawings, watercolors and studies for important paintings. The famous Sewing Machine with Umbrella in a Surrealistic Landscape and the entire series of Cervantes Don Quixote are to name but a few. These original artworks derive from a private collection and represent examples of Dal’s creative development and at the height of his Surrealistic powers.  One of the highlights of the exhibition is Salvador Dal’s vast and mesmerising original oil painting ‘Spellbound’ which was created for the set of Alfred Hitchcock’s 1945 Hollywood movie.

  Four imposing monumental sculptures including the famous ‘Persistence of Memory’ will be placed outside the Shanghai Art Museum to be admired by all passers-by.  This is a rare occasion to view an enthralling collection which offers the general public a surreal and unique millennial experience beyond their wildest dreams The organizers whole heartily thank the Shanghai Art Museum, and the Art Shaker for making this exhibition possible.  More information: http://www.dalisculpturecollection.com .

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