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  • Monday, August 21, 2017

  • Advantages of Group Travel Insurance

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Group travel insurance is an economical and convenient way to purchase insurance coverage when you are travelling as a group overseas. Group travel insurance is useful for corporate groups, for school groups, groups of university students, organizations and missionary groups among others.

When you are organizing group travel abroad there are hundreds of things to think about and many different issues to sort out. Insurance is essential when you are travelling abroad as it covers unexpected sickness and injury, providing money to pay for medical care and emergency help.

Leaving each individual to sort out their own policy is problematic as you may end up with some people covered and others not. You can make a single payment for the entire group, cutting down on administrative time and effort.

Group insurance policies provide coverage for groups of five or more travelling outside their home country. Baggage loss, delay, trip cancellation and emergency evacuation are also covered.

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