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  • Monday, August 21, 2017

  • Airlines sector require business travelers resume their journey on the sky

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Airlines industry has been steadily losing business due to the financial downturn affecting the entire globe. Analysis reveals that in order to regain the pace and encourage passengers to travel by air, they should attract big businesses to resume flying as these big players are the ones who dictate the success and profits of the airlines!

Business travelers contribute to huge profits as they book first class or business class tickets as opposed to tourists who opt for economy class. Most of them also buy tickets in the last minute and hence the tickets are highly expensive resulting in increasing the profit figures further. Since there has been a huge decrease in the business travelers bookings, these pricey tickets are sold to leisure travelers in order to fill the seats and hence has resulted in the huge profitable sales figures crashing down.

Hence, frequent travelers can look forward to profitable deals as they can expect lucrative offers from the airlines industry ranging from unbelievable discounts or free points with air miles.
Keep browsing the internet for such deals as the airlines industry has been careful enough to be tight-lipped and not revealed their strategies of sales pitch clearly to the media!

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