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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Alert For Pacific Typhoon Season

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If you are traveling to East Asia or the West and Central Pacific area in the months of June through November, make sure you prepare for your trip with international insurance and all the details about this year’s typhoon season. While typhoons may occur in this area all year, the most active months are June to November. Travelers should protect themselves with travel and trip cancellation insurance, as well as monitor local weather reports.

Each year the Pacific region experiences around 31 typhoons. Some of these – around half – are potentially destructive and cause lasting damage. If you are traveling or living in this area, be prepared for possible typhoons.

Landslides and mudslides are common after a typhoon, as are high tides and flooding. You may find roads are blocked and transport non-existent. Many people find it difficult to leave the area immediately after a typhoon.

Use your travel insurance to help with any expenses brought about by the typhoon. The US Government will assist if the typhoon creates an emergency situation, but they will not pay for transport back to the US apart from in exceptional circumstances.

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