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  • Monday, August 21, 2017

  • As Cholera Hits the Dominican Republic, Make Sure You Have Flexible Travel Arrangements

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The Dominican Republic is a popular tourist destination because of the natural beauty of the country. However, a recent cholera outbreak will have many tourists rethinking whether they want to book a trip there. But what do you do if you already have scheduled a trip and no longer feel comfortable visiting the country? If you have trip cancellation insurance, then you have all the flexibility you need to change your travel plans without taking a financial hit.

According to CNN.com, cholera has already killed over 1.100 in the Dominican Republic's neighboring country of Haiti, and it has injured over 18,000. So tourists are understandably wary of planning a trip to the country, and those who have travel plan booked currently may be looking for ways to cancel them.

Most flights are nonrefundable these days, and hotels will often not offer refunds either. So unless you have a trip cancellation policy, you will be stuck paying for your entire trip – even though you are not even taking it. Trip cancellation insurance allows you to cancel your trip with very little notice without losing your investment.

This way, you can protect your health by not exposing yourself to the risk of cholera while also protecting the investment you've made in your vacation plans. And at current prices, that may be several thousand dollars. These types of policies are not just for emergencies, either. You can also use them if you have personal plans that change, or when business schedules are altered at the last minute. It gives you flexibility in a variety of scenarios.

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