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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Basic Insurance Options for Tom the Cruiser

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Cruise insurance may be the last thing on your mind when you’re thinking of a trip to the Caribbean. However, remember that a cruise to any place outside the United States will require cruise insurance. Remember that if your cruise does not make a port of call, you must check if you will be in international waters. Your coverage might depend on the answer.

Often, your cruise operator will offer insurance as part of the package. Be aware that such insurance is usually more expensive and offers fewer benefits than specialized cruise insurance purchased from reputed companies. Be sure to compare prices and coverage before choosing a plan that works for you.

Some of the benefits you want to look for are medical evacuation, some coverage for pre-existing conditions if applicable, trip cancellation, and lost baggage. Newer cruise insurance plans offer reimbursement if a traveler cancels the cruise because of the loss of his job. Of these, emergency medical evacuation is a must-have benefit.

It is imperative to seek medical attention as soon as you feel ill. Cruise insurance typically does not cover minor ailments such as motion sickness, unless it turns serious. Most popular cruises have a medical team on board.

Travel Tip: If you want to travel aboard a ship, but without the hordes of people you will invariably meet during a cruise, you can also consider traveling as a passenger on a cargo ship.

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