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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • Blast from the Past: Insurance Lessons for Today

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History is full of lessons for mankind—if only we stopped to learn them. While you, today's traveler, may think you are nothing like Christopher Columbus, you may be surprised to know that Columbus probably faced some of the same problems you do during travel! You may even start thinking about where Columbus had any travel insurance for his voyages!

When the Pilgrims came to the United States, the American Indians were affected badly by infections brought by the Pilgrims. At least that’s one of the theories. And of course, when missionaries spread their work in parts of Africa, they were simply unprepared for the diseases and infections that were prevalent there.

Today, however, travel is much more widespread, and infections travel along with us, making isolated infections a rarity. But weather conditions in each country create mutations in bacteria that affect different people differently.

Needless to say, that only reiterates the fact that any traveler is under increased risk of falling ill when abroad. Add to that other contributing factors such as stress, and the need for travel insurance becomes more than obvious.

Travel tip: Carry a packet of water purifying tablets when traveling to remote places, and you’ll never have to worry about using your travel insurance!

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