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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • Breeze Through Security at the Airport

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Frequent travelers and people who hate to be kept waiting can improve their experience at the airport with some simple security organization tips. Keep important documents like your travel insurance policy in a zipped pocket in your carry on luggage. Trip cancellation insurance can help you even before you have left the airport, if you need to cancel your trip.

De-clutter your carry on bag for easy screening. Pack the majority of your liquids in your checked bags and try to pack your coats and jackets in your checked luggage too, to avoid additional screening.

Wear slip-on shoes that you can easily remove to pass through the metal detector. Take off your belt and remove all the metal items from your pockets as you are standing in line. Place all additional items in one extra tray, if you can.

Always keep your boarding pass and your ID within easy reach so you can access it if asked. If you can’t find your documents when requested you may subject yourself to extra screening.

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