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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • Bridge the Gap with Cruise Insurance

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One of the highlights of Bob Manacek’s (name changed) life is the bridge cruise that he went on a few years ago, of which he has fond memories. Without adequate cruise insurance, though, it might as well have turned into a holiday from hell.

Bob was booked on a cruise where contract bridge player Rob Drummond conducted workshops and classes on the game of bridge. The cruise represented a lifelong dream of Bob, to learn and play bridge while traveling the world. It also represented a bulk of Bob’s savings, and he purchased cruise insurance that included trip cancellation and medical insurance.

Most people on the cruise were seniors, and as luck would have it, Bob fell ill at Lisbon, one of the last ports of call. With his cruise insurance, he was able to not only get reimbursed for the treatment he received, he was also able to fly back home on the trip interruption clause of his plan.

One other senior who had purchased insurance from the cruise company realized that the plan was not true insurance; it was only designed to receive credit for a rescheduled cruise in case he missed the cruise, or had to leave it halfway. Cruise insurance sure saved Bob's holiday and his purse!

Travel Tip: Always remember to check the insurance company rating as well as the underwriters of the plan. True insurance plans will always have these two.

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