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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Chances are, if you’re traveling to a city or large town, you’ll be taking a ride on some form of public transport. Buses, taxis and trains make getting around on your vacation cheap and easy. But public transport is not without its hazards – how can you keep safe and prevent a claim on your travel insurance?

Keep safe on trains by moving away from a person if they are too close to you, in the train corridor or on the platform. If you’re traveling by night train, lock your compartment. If this isn’t possible, secure your locked luggage to the racks with a padlock and keep your valuables close to you.

Only take subway cars if there are plenty of other people in them and try to sit by the driver on buses. Some cities have “women-only” cars on trains and subways so use these if you are concerned about your safety. Try not to travel late at night. If you need to, wait for public transport in a well-lit area, preferably near a ticket booth or security guard.

Alert police if you feel threatened or if you have something stolen on public transport. Make sure your travel insurance is up-to-date and don’t take unnecessary risks – like taking an unlicensed cab or driving without a seat belt – that could invalidate your policy.

USA: Discovering the Land like Never Before

Did you know that over 50 million international travellers visit the US every year? From soaking up the sun in Florida to living it up in the bright city of New York, there’s a lot that a tourist can do on a trip to the USA.

Think USA and you are sure to think of road trips, cowboys, endless highways, skyscrapers, Disneyland and much more. Lauded as the land of the free, the images of the country present an enticing picture to the traveller. The sheer size of the country lets travelers find befitting locations to soak up the energy of the sun, high rises and scenic splendors. The obvious place for most people to start out is New York before they head to the north to explore the deeper reaches of the mid-Atlantic. For anyone with a zest for outdoor adventure, Alaska is absolutely not-to-be missed. The wilderness of the western USA is sure to enthrall the traveler as well. The intriguing and the incredible – USA is a heady mix of destinations, which satisfy the travel yearnings of many.

Do you prefer the mountains over monuments? If you have only heard of the thundering waterfalls of the Grand Canyon to the infamous ‘Old Faithful’ geyser, it’s time you take a trip Yellowstone national park. The rugged wilderness and the abundant wildlife at this extraordinarily beautiful national park is sure to leave you awe struck. When at Yellowstone National Park, you can visit geological sites including the back basin review (a 1½-mi loop guiding you past Steamboat Geyser), Black Sand Basin (hot springs and geysers located close to the cloverleaf entrance from Grand Loop Road to Old Faithful) and viewpoints including the Artist Point which throws open a great view of the Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River. Do not miss this if you are visiting the US.

Whatever part of USA you choose to visit, ensure that you have completed all the legal formalities including flight bookings, visa, and travel insurance in a timely manner. Most of us are generally in a dilemma if travel insurance is a wise investment or it is a waste if travelling for shorter period.

Our sincere advice would be not to neglect travel insurance.

A travel insurance policy exists to protect your investment in your holiday and ensure that you get the requisite help in case you have to deal with unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, loss of baggage or vital documents such as your visa or passport. There’s no denying the fact that you need insurance when you travel to the US. Is cheapest always the best? Not really. It makes sense to calculate the exact level of cover you need and then choose a travel insurance option rather than going in for the cheapest cover you can find. If you are not being covered for cancellations, adventure activities (if you are going to undertake them during the trip), or for the entire length of your trip, you need to think twice before paying for the insurance policy.

An interview with one of our experts in the travel insurance industry explains the benefits, importance and some tips to choose and buy travel insurance. Choosing a right policy will not just give you peace of mind ahead of your travel, it could save your life. The travel insurance policies that you will find will vary widely in terms of cost and cover. To find the best value for your travel budget, a price comparison website might sound like a great idea.

Travel Insurance: Top Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do plan your travel insurance well in advance (just as you plan for your visa and dates for travel
  • Do ensure that the policy covers the entire period of travel.
  • Do find out if you are entitled for a refund if you cut short your trip.
  • Do check what counts as “worldwide” when it comes to coverage.
  • Do read the small print on your insurance document before signing on the dotted line.
  • Don’t buy travel insurance from your tour operator, cruise line, or airline.
  • Don’t hide any of your medical conditions.
  • Don’t get lured into buying cheap travel insurance.
  • With the holiday season ahead, getting away for a few days during the vacation will be a priority for many. Don’t forget one vital part – travel insurance if you are considering a vacation anytime soon!


    Travel Insurance covers a small array of travel mishaps and health insurance these will be discussed in more detail coming up next in this article. This article is also going to discuss the supplemental add-on’s that you might want to consider while you are traveling abroad. So stay tuned to find about what you need to know about travel insurance.

    The main coverage of travel insurance will help protect you from any illness or injury while you are traveling out of country. Travel insurance will also protect you from lost luggage or delayed luggage. The other side of delays that is covered by travel insurance is a flight or travel delay in your itinerary. One thing many travelers do think about is if they go abroad and there is an evacuation of some sort that happens when they are on vacation or traveling. Travel insurance once again has you covered there in that arena. You can also expect that the basic travel insurance will also provide coverage for you and your family when traveling if you need any assistance over the telephone with any issue they can walk you through what you should do next. Most travel insurance will also protect your money if you have to cancel your trip or if it is cancelled by the vacation place you are going to for vacation.

    However, you should also look into additional supplemental add-on’s to your travel insurance if you can afford it. These additional supplements you might be interested in while you are traveling are also very useful and they include identity theft, hazardous sports injuries such as downhill skiing and propelling or climbing mountains. So if you are an adventurer at heart you should most definitely get travel insurance while you go on vacation. Travel insurance for an additional fee will also give you coverage for your rental car in case you get into an accident so you are not sued while you are out of your own country.

    The first thing you can ask your travel agency if you are a college student or graduate student is if they give you student discounts. If they do offer student discounts then you can save anywhere from around 5 percent to 10 percent on the purchase of your travel insurance. Every little extra amount of money you save leaves you more money for fun and enjoying your vacation.
    Another way that a student or graduate student can save on travel insurance is if they are under their parent’s health insurance plan. This might take some planning on your part but is very doable. First you will want to call the travel insurance agency and ask them if they offer discounts or if they have a cheaper travel insurance plan based on what your health insurance already covers. You will have to make sure that your health insurance is valid out of country first unless you are just crossing within the same country. If your health insurance covers you then you can move onto the next section.
    So the next step is you will have to call your parents or find out if you have a copy of your health insurance paperwork find the information that the travel insurance agency is going to request from your health insurance. This information could be about accident deductibles, sprains, strains, hospital stays and other incidentals when you go to the doctor. You will need to gather together the information on all deductibles, copays and types of services provided to you while you are out of the country from your health insurance. You also will want to write down and tell the travel insurance agency any information about fees that your health insurance is charging you per each type of occurrence that may happen when you are traveling.

    An inexperienced, amateur traveler will probably waste his time and money over having a trip that hardly proves to be memorable, or even worthwhile. Simple, pleasant trips when you’re going far away from home to adventurous regions of South Africa, for instance, and returns home without any scars or fears you experienced back there, won’t be approved by the senior citizens. Though you should not get scratches, of course, but experience the apprehension, the adrenaline that you could refresh at any other time with surprising clarity. After all, you’re young and should a risk-taker!
    The very first travel place where you could savor the moments for a lifetime is, New Zealand. This is especially for students who are on travel, and who would be delighted to hear that the region was taken as the location for the famous movie of Lord of the Rings. Therefore, as the movie is enchanting, the place is equally full of places where you can go on exploring, either on your bike, among mountains, in a boat or while hiking. There are also sober places to travel, if accompanied by a coach who could take you to the festivals and wintery tours.
    The second place is Eastern Europe, full of green grass and waterfalls. The Plitvice National Park in Croatia is the oldest heritage park, crowded with historic sites and adventure as if designed for a traveling student. Easter Europe offers mesmerizing views of nature, both charming and dangerous.
    For the third place, Vietnam is both inexpensive as compared to other, and equally adventurous for a young mind. It is known as the shopper’s station as it has some of the amazing and large-scale rice fields. The tour is properly organized and taken on an exhilarating bike and hiking trips. Mexico and South America are two more top 5 adventurous travel destinations, with scuba diving to flow away in the water-world and traveling among falls and lakes. Choose your destination now!

    As promised, the next four Do’s and Don’ts that you simply must know before paying for your travel insurance online are up. As said before, internet may be the most convenient and comfortable way of communication today, and a technology that can’t be matched. We can complete several of our tasks with few minutes spent online, that might have taken hours to accomplish. However, it must never be forgotten that with something lingering on heights for so long inevitably had created the enemies, and the people trying to take benefits from wrong means. Yes, there are thousands of scam, spam and hackers today that use the latest technology, a step ahead from ordinary people, to fool people into getting cash, or evading their personal data.
    The next Do on the list for filling up the travel insurance form on internet is to enter the date of your trip accurately, and properly. The insurance policy may become invalid if the date you entered at the start exceeds it, or is not what you might make insists about. Hence, enter in the correct dates, planned and prepared beforehand, for the entire duration. Otherwise, you won’t much enjoy any program from the plan you recently bought.
    Secondly, for the next Don’t, make sure the place you’re going for holiday, or have booked a trip to has no strict sentiments for illegal activities. You must be aware of the rules and regulations, and government policies through research, so that even though something illegal for you might be an idea for fun, it could be labeled as a crime in the country you’re going to. In that case, the insurance people back off to provide you cover, since there is no policy to save you from violating a country’s rules.
    Finally, do buy an insurance policy for your travel because it certainly is worth the whole time. Enter in details; smallest details to be on the safe side for any denial later from the company people. Oh, and enjoy your trip to full!

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