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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

It happens to every parent – your children grow up, get educated and fly the nest. Some fly further than others. If your son or daughter is starting a new life abroad, for a short time or much longer, you’ll no doubt have mixed emotions – happiness for them to be doing something so exciting alongside the feeling of how much you miss them.

Look on the bright side – you now have a place to stay in a new country, and you can start to plan your visits to an exotic destination. With multi-trip insurance you’ve got the practicalities of health provision covered. Annual multi-trip insurance ensures you’re covered for medical treatment and medical emergency abroad no matter how many times you call in on your children.

Your multi-trip travel insurance also handles the logistics of losing luggage, or having a camera or bag stolen when you’re sightseeing. You can choose extra trip cancellation coverage for added peace of mind.

Coverage under an annual multi-trip insurance plan is good for one year and looks after you for any number of individual trips that don’t exceed 90 days. Even if they’re far away, you can still enjoy quality time with your children with frequent visits, without worrying about your travel insurance.

Add up the cost of your upcoming vacation and don’t stop at the cost of the flight and the hotel. Calculate excursion bookings, resort reservations, non-refundable tickets to shows and pre-booked transport. How much did you invest? And the question is - could you afford to lose it?

Trip cancellation insurance is triggered by a number of occurrences – all horrible, especially right before you’re due to jet off to the Bahamas. You may not be able to travel because of illness, or the illness of a family member. Bad weather events, like a hurricane, can screw your vacation plans. As can burglary. You may lose your job and decide a vacation isn’t on the cards anymore.

Trip cancellation insurance usually covers the cost of your non-refundable vacation investment. If you can’t take your trip as planned, you won’t lose out and you can reschedule your plans for a better time.

It’s not only money – the emotional attachment to a trip can be huge. But while you may not get back your relaxation time with cancellation insurance, you will at least be covered for the financial investment you made.

Important work overseas requires the best protection you can find. Missionary travel insurance helps you when you are busy helping others. Miss it off your list and you could find yourself in serious trouble.

When traveling and working overseas, a medical emergency could jeopardize your mission and your life. Help from a reputable travel insurance policy could be the difference between being able to continue your work and having to return home – less well off in terms of both money and well-being.

Medicare and Medicaid won’t help you on an overseas trip but missionary insurance covers you wherever your ministry or church takes you. If you’re traveling for between five days and 24 months, consider short term insurance. You are covered for drugs, doctor visits and hospital stays relating to new injuries or illnesses and you don’t need to provide medical history.

Alternatively, take out long term insurance if you will be working outside your home country for one year or more. You’ll also be covered for maternity services. For both types of missionary insurance, enroll online and get a quote in order to compare your options. Keep covered to be able to carry out your important work overseas.

Being the organizer of a group trip can be a thankless task. Trying to make everyone happy is impossible and the responsibility can often be stressful. One of the best ways you can ensure a successful group trip is by organizing group travel insurance.

Group travel insurance is great for student and school groups, corporate trips and missionaries or charities. Group travel insurance is for parties of five or more travelers outside the home country and can be organized for five days to 12 months – perfect for the long-term charity project as well as a short trip to see the sights of Europe. You can cover up to a combined tour cost of $500,000.

Group travel insurance protects you from losing the entire cost of your trip should one or more of your party be unable to travel. The insurance cover includes medical, evacuation and repatriation, as well as baggage loss or delay for groups of 10 people and above.

You can make a single payment for the whole group by submitting a roster. While your group may not pay attention to the details of the insurance policy, they’ll certainly thank you if they should need to call on it.

There are many different costs involved when you are planning a vacation, including the price of the cruise tickets, plane tickets to the port of departure, and other costs.  There are often high fees involved if the trip has to be cancelled due to an emergency.  Coverage is provided with cruise travel insurance in these situations to protect your trip investment.

Important additional benefits that are included in cruise travel insurance include extra emergency travel services.  You can have peace of mind when travelling knowing that you have access to 24-hour emergency travel assistance for help with rebooking flights, passport information and cash advances.

The price of cruise cancellation insurance is dependent on how long the trip will be and how old the traveler is.  To receive the maximum benefit, you must purchase the plan at least 24 hours prior to the date of departure and you must insure the total pre-paid, non refundable portion of your trip.

Protect your investment by purchasing cruise travel insurance when planning your cruise.  The benefits it provides before and during your trip makes it a worthwhile addition to any cruise package.  You can rest assured that you will be protected from the unexpected by purchasing a plan well in advance of your trip.

When you’ve got a to-do list as long as your arm and your schedule is backed up until next month, it’s easy to overlook the details. If you travel frequently for business you may have your favorite hotel and airline figured out, but is your annual travel insurance booked in?

Executives making frequent trips abroad often forget about international health insurance for business travel. Many assume business trips are covered on a domestic insurance policy. But it just takes one emergency to disrupt meetings and make you realize that domestic doesn’t often cover international.

If you make multiple trips you may benefit from annual travel insurance, if your trips are less than 30 days each. An annual travel insurance policy takes the hassle out of arranging cover each time you fly on business and makes sure you’re covered for your international trips for a whole year.
Travel insurance covers you if you fall ill or are injured when you’re abroad. Forgetting it could be costly, for business and your health.

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