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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

International travel insurance is your professional back-up when you travel to far-flung destinations on your adventure trip of a lifetime. International travel insurance covers you if you need emergency medical treatment or a stay in hospital.

To make sure you don’t need to call on your back-up, take simple health precautions to keep the pleasure, not the pain, in your trip. International travel health insurance can begin tomorrow, or as soon as your adventure starts.

Practice Safe Sun: Don’t underestimate the power of the sun, especially if you are traveling to a tropical place. Sun burn can make your vacation unpleasant and sun stroke can land you in hospital. Always wear a sun screen with an SPF of above 30. Reapply it religiously, even if you don’t normally burn. Keep out of the sun between midday to 3pm and cover up with a wide-brimmed hat and good quality sunglasses.

Beat the Bites: Malaria is prevalent in many adventurous destinations and can be deadly. Take advice as to which anti-malarials are best for your travel. Stop the bites in the first place by covering your arms and legs in the morning and evening. Use repellent when you’re outside and spray your room for protection. Choose a quality mosquito net for protection at night.

You’ve planned a dream trip to an off-the-beaten track destination. You’re going for more than the average package tour but you’ve taken the essential step and chosen international travel insurance. Don’t forget to consider your health in an unfamiliar destination, one where illness and accident – small and more serious – go hand-in-hand with culture and cocktails.

International travel insurance protects you when travelling to adventurous destinations by covering your medical costs, health care needs and any unfortunate stay in hospital. You can also protect yourself from some common health ailments abroad. Take simple steps to avoid a holiday to remember for all the wrong reasons.

Safe Eating - Travelling is amazing for tasting new foods. But make sure the meat is cooked through and hot. Take care with shellfish and don’t eat ice cream that may have melted and re-frozen. Peel fresh fruit and vegetables and avoid salads unless you can be sure they haven’t been washed in unclean water.

Don’t Drink Dangerously - Avoid tap water, even for brushing your teeth, and don’t take ice in your drink. Remember alcohol can hit you harder when you’re dehydrated. Enjoy in moderation and don’t take risks you wouldn’t normally take when you’re at home.

It is annual event in the U.S. and many other countries - the holidays come around, travel increases, and gas prices increase. If you are taking a road trip this winter to catch up with friends and family, or you will be doing a lot of driving to and from the airport, or you simply have a long commute each day, these increases can put a real dent in your wallet. So it’s important to find other ways to save on travel expenses, such as buying travel insurance plan.

Some of the ways to save on travel expenses are obvious. For instance, comparison shopping online is always a smart move. Whether you are looking for the best deal on hotels, airfare, or event tickets, you can net significant savings on your overall expenses by spending a couple of hours researching.

Meals are an area where you can definitely save some money. For a lot of travelers, vacation time often involves overspending and overeating. When out with friends and family, it is easy to forget about the expense of a meal and order a larger portion than you really need, or to buy that extra dessert. In addition to cutting back on meal portions, you can also save money by bringing along prepackaged food. Think how much cheaper it is to bring your own snacks rather than buy them from the mini bar or hotel gift shop. And rather than stopping for fast food while driving, you can pack some sandwiches and fruit to eat while you are driving.

An often-overlooked way to save money is by investing in travel insurance plan. Even though you will pay for them up front, travel policies can save you a lot of money in the event that you become ill or injured. Rather than paying the full cost of medical care, your travel policy will cover the bulk of the expense. It can also provide reimbursement for items lost in luggage, as well as for cancelled or delayed flights. All told, that can lead to the biggest savings of all.
The travel plans of many passengers were altered last week when Gatwick airport was shut down for multiple days due to snow. Missing your originating flight, or missing a connecting flight because of a delay on an earlier flight, can wind up being a costly problem for you. Passengers stuck in similar situations to those at Gatwick last week will appreciate the benefits of trip cancellation insurance.

Because snow was piling up on the runway faster than crews could clear it, Gatwick had no choice but to cancel flights, leaving many business travelers and tourists stuck in the London airport. The runway was close for two consecutive days, but cancellations and delays continued on for days afterwards due to weather concerns.

The cost of missing a flight can be quite high. You may lose out on your initial ticket investment, and you may have to buy a new one for a new flight. If you cannot make it to a hotel you booked, or to events that you bought tickets for, your investment in those items will be lost as well. And of course there are opportunity costs as well; for instance, if you are traveling for business and miss a meeting, there may not be a quantifiable loss but there is most definitely a loss.

Trip cancellation insurance offers you protection in these situations. This way, when circumstances beyond your control arise, a small initial investment will allow you to recoup your total investment. Additionally, the policies are quite flexible in that they can also be tailored to cover cancellations initiated by you. So if it is suddenly not the right time to go on a previously-booked trip, you can cancel it without losing your money. this even applies to many nonrefundable flights. As passengers stuck in Gatwick can attest, you never know when a delay may occur, and while you cannot avoid them you can still take the step of protecting your financial interests.

We are once again getting a lot of phone calls regarding travel cancellation benefits of our plans. All trip cancellation insurance plans typically reimburse you for non refundable trip costs up to the amount you insured your travel plans while you were purchasing the plan.

Those insured under our trip cancellation insurance plans and who were not able to make their trips out of Buffalo, NY airport can qualify for trip cancellation benefits. Non-refundable trip costs that were insured under the plan can be claimed under the plan benefits. Affected clients can call the emergency hot-line number on the back of your travel insurance cards to verify benefits and get help.

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