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  • Wednesday, August 23, 2017

As the cold front engulfs the North East we have noticed that there is a bee-line to the Caribbean and Yucatan vacation beach resorts. Most of our users buying travel insurance are trying to stay warm and take advantage of Christmas school closings (at least this what we in Customer Service think).
As strong winds and snow in the forecast for most states in the North East and Mid Atlantic the warm waters down south are indeed inviting. Some of the newer resorts in the Caribbean islands and in Mexico are luring US residents with enticing all inclusive packages and discounted airfare.
As I make this post with cold fingers I am indeed contemplating on finding some warmth in these blessed places.

For most traveler's vacations are purely an exercise in stress relief and adventure. The thought of becoming ill or injured during vacation never occurs to many people. But not every vacation goes smoothly, as a new television show chronicles. Because of this, it is important to always purchase travel insurance before departing on your trip.

When Vacations Attack, a new show on the Travel Channel in the United States, documents disasters and mishaps occurring during vacations. For people who think that nothing bad could ever happen on vacation, the show could serve as a real wake-up call, reminding everyone that injury and illness are just as likely to occur while traveling as they are at home.

The difference of course, especially when traveling internationally, is that when a health problem occurs, getting the care you need can be much more difficult when traveling. The insurance policy you use at home likely will not be accepted abroad, meaning that you are essentially uninsured when traveling. And that can lead to expensive fees even for the most basic services.

A worldwide travel insurance plan will protect you around the world, allowing you to get the medical care you need at an affordable rate. So if a mishap or accident like the ones seen on this new show affect you during your trip, your travel policy will help you get great care right away without incurring bills you cannot afford and haven't budgeted for.
The Dominican Republic is a popular tourist destination because of the natural beauty of the country. However, a recent cholera outbreak will have many tourists rethinking whether they want to book a trip there. But what do you do if you already have scheduled a trip and no longer feel comfortable visiting the country? If you have trip cancellation insurance, then you have all the flexibility you need to change your travel plans without taking a financial hit.

According to CNN.com, cholera has already killed over 1.100 in the Dominican Republic's neighboring country of Haiti, and it has injured over 18,000. So tourists are understandably wary of planning a trip to the country, and those who have travel plan booked currently may be looking for ways to cancel them.

Most flights are nonrefundable these days, and hotels will often not offer refunds either. So unless you have a trip cancellation policy, you will be stuck paying for your entire trip – even though you are not even taking it. Trip cancellation insurance allows you to cancel your trip with very little notice without losing your investment.

This way, you can protect your health by not exposing yourself to the risk of cholera while also protecting the investment you've made in your vacation plans. And at current prices, that may be several thousand dollars. These types of policies are not just for emergencies, either. You can also use them if you have personal plans that change, or when business schedules are altered at the last minute. It gives you flexibility in a variety of scenarios.
For college students, another semester is winding down, and holiday breaks are not far away. There is no better way to unwind from the rigors of university than a trip. Whether you are headed home to see family and friends, taking a beach vacation, or volunteering your time on a service mission, be sure that you protect the money you invest in your trip with student travel insurance.

Depending on where you are going for your trip, how you are getting there, and what you will be doing upon arrival, your trip could cost anywhere from hundreds of dollars to a few thousand. If you are flying and taking in special events, your trip will likely cost more. If you are just driving to spend time with family, then it will obviously be cheaper. But either way, it is important to protect that investment in case something goes wrong.

Student travel insurance offers medical protection in case you become ill or injured during your trip, as well as trip cancellation insurance. This helps reimburse the cost of missed connections, hotel, and event costs in the event that your flight is canceled or missed for some other reason. It may also cover the costs of replacing items when airlines lose your luggage.

As a student, your income is limited, so it is important that you save on expenses and protect the money you spend wherever possible. This type of insurance offers excellent financial protection at an affordable rate, making it a wise purchase for any student.
Travelers on a cruise line recently found themselves narrowly escaping what could have been a tragic situation. While cruises offer an economical and convenient way to visit popular vacation destinations, there is always danger anytime you head to sea. You'll want to be sure that when you take a cruise, you are protecting yourself from that danger by purchasing cruise insurance.

In the event in question, a cruise ship that had begun its voyage in Europe narrowly squeezed under a bridge in Denmark on its eventual path to Florida. Thanks to some clever maneuvering by the ship's captain, what could have been a terrible accident was avoided. But what if it had not? And what if you were aboard that boat?

The insurance policy you carry in your native country may not cover incidents occurring at sea. You can always check with your insurance provider to clarify, but quite often policies only cover incidents which occur in the country they were issued in. Cruise insurance offers an affordable alternative to this problem.

This type of insurance is designed specifically for cruise-goers, so that protection is available anywhere your vacation travels may take you. Without it, the costs of medical care in another country could be quite extreme. But with it, you will have peace of mind and financial protection.
“I’m so excited – I’m taking my family on a vacation to Europe for a week. I have everything we need – travel documents, airline tickets, hotel reservations, a rental car, and tickets to some shows and theme parks we want to visit What else could I possibly need?” Does that sound familiar? You’ve probably heard someone say it before, or maybe you’ve said it yourself. There is one important element missing from those travel preparations – travel insurance.

Even on short trips like the week vacation mentioned above, a travel insurance policy is a good investment. The truth is, a week may not seem like a long time, but you only need a single moment for injury or illness to strike. Traveling, especially overseas, poses a number of simple but dangerous threats. From car accidents to airborne illnesses to food poisoning, the most mundane activities on your vacation could potentially lead to a hospital visit. This is just a simple fact.

Without an insurance plan, a hospital visit can be a very expensive problem. You could be facing anywhere from hundreds of dollars in fees to thousands of dollars, all because of one unforeseen incident With insurance on your side, however, the bulk of those fees will be absorbed, leaving you to pay only a fraction of the costs.

Remember our example above and how it listed the many items purchased in preparation for a trip? Buying plane tickets, hotel rooms, a rental car, and event tickets is a significant investment. Especially if you are taking your family with you. Now, think of all the things that can go wrong while traveling from one country to another: flight delays, cancellations, missed connections – any of these can cause you to miss the flights, hotels, and events you’ve booked. And most if not all of those will be nonrefundable. But your travel policy may come with, or allow an additional purchase of, special coverage that protects your investment so if a cancellation occurs, you do not lose the cost of your purchases. It is one more way this type of insurance makes fiscal sense, even on short trips.

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