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  • Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Anyone paying attention to the news over the past few weeks has likely heard of the controversial plan of a Florida-area pastor who plans to hold a Qu'ran-burning event. While leaders throughout the world have denounced this idea, and the pastor seems to have backed off of his plans, the U.S. State Department has issued a travel advisory for U.S. citizens. When unexpected events like this arise, you will feel more secure if you have purchased trip cancellation insurance.

The department's rationale for issuing the advisory is that they anticipate anti-U.S. demonstrations in countries throughout the world due to this event. These demonstrations could potentially make it difficult and dangerous for Americans to travel to other countries.

With this warning being issued, you may no longer feel safe visiting another country for a few weeks. But if you have bought airline tickets and hotel accommodations already, what are you to do? After all, those are not cheap, and airlines and hotels are typically not willing to offer refunds or re-bookings.

With trip cancellation insurance, you can cancel or re-schedule flights, hotels, and events with as little as a few days notice and not lose your investment. This even applies to many flights which are advertised as nonrefundable. Therefore, when potentially dangerous situations like this arise, or even when your personal or professional schedule gets in the way of previously-arranged travel, you know that you won't be taking a big financial hit.

On September 1, a typhoon struck South Korea, causing damage not only to the area but also to travel plans in and around the country. When these disasters occur, your best option is to be prepared with international travel insurance.

The typhoon killed five people, and was being followed by another tropical storm (Tropical Storm Malou). International and domestic flights were diverted or canceled, leaving travelers in a difficult situation. International travel insurance can help in these types of situations in multiple ways.

First, if you become injured during a natural disaster, your insurance plan will help you get the quality medical care you need at an affordable rate. Your normal health insurance policy may not cover events occurring in other countries, so it is always a good idea when traveling abroad to be prepared with an international policy.

Second, the plans can help with travel. They may contain evacuation coverage which can assist you in exiting an affected area. And they can often include trip cancellation coverage which will protect your investment when you must cancel travel plans on short notice. This will save on your original purchase of the ticket as well as any re-booking fees.

Have you ever considered purchasing flight insurance, but dismissed it because you did not think you would be likely to ever be in a flight accident? Passengers of a recent flight may have never thought they would be in an accident either, but what they now realize is that A. it is more likely to occur than you may think and B. a flight accident does not necessarily have to mean a plane crash. With this in mind, it makes sense to prepare for any flight with flight insurance.

On the flight in question, passengers were injured during a landing. That is right, one of the most basic events that occurs while on an airplane resulted in injuries for passengers. This shows us there are many more types of flight accidents beyond an actual plane crash.

The flight was run by JetBlue, and it experienced a blown tire during landing in Sacramento, CA. Of the 86 passengers being carried, only 4 were injured, however those four did visit the hospital. Without the appropriate medical coverage, such a visit could cost you anywhere from hundreds of dollars to several thousand dollars.

Airline flight insurance will help minimize those costs by absorbing the bulk of them on your behalf. Even in relatively minor events like this one, it pays to have the protection of a reliable insurance policy. Because even though a flight may seem routine, the unexpected can arise at any time.
In today's tough economy, cruises have exploded in popularity because of their affordability and convenience. However, if a medical issue arises during your cruise and you do not have proper coverage, you could suddenly be faced with a very expensive and inconvenient problem. For this reason, all travelers taking cruises are encouraged to look into cruise insurance.

Cruise insurance offers travelers financial protection from the high cost of healthcare that can occur in international areas not covered by your normal health insurance plan. Without proper insurance, you could face thousands of dollars in medical fees due to illness or injury occurring on a cruise.

In addition to healthcare coverage, your cruise policy will also protect your financial investment in a cruise if for some reason you need to cancel. This may include a sudden cancellation due to professional obligations, the illness of yourself or a loved one, or something beyond your control like a missed flight connection that prevents you from boarding the boat on time.

Without this type of insurance, you will lose your investment in the cruise, and you'd be responsible for the full cost of booking another trip. But if you have a cruise policy, the cost will be absorbed and you will be left with only a small amount due out of your own pocket. This insurance offers a cost-effective, convenient solution for what is designed to be a cost-effective, convenient type of trip.
Unfortunately, life does not always cooperate with our travel plans. Even less fortunately, airlines and hotels are not usually too understanding of that fact. So when you need to cancel a reservation, more often than not you are going to lose your entire investment. If that concerns you (and it should) then you may wish to consider trip cancellation insurance.

With trip cancellation insurance, you will have the flexibility to adjust with the curveballs life throws you. If a client cancels a meeting that you've already bought plane tickets for, you'll be covered. If a family member falls ill right before your vacation, you'll be able to re-schedule your flight and re-book your hotel without putting a major dent in your wallet.

This type of coverage can also be used when missed connections and delays occur. It seems like fewer and fewer flights take off at their scheduled times these days. Small mechanical issues or weather-related delays can lead to missed connections that can cost you significant sums of money as you miss out on hotel reservations and even events you had purchased tickets to attend.

You will enjoy this coverage's ability to protect you in many different types of scenarios. It is affordably priced, and if you do end up needing to use it, you will recoup your investment several times over. You cannot predict what life may bring you, but you can protect yourself from it.
Are you a frequent international traveler? Whether you are enjoying several vacations to exotic international destinations each year or you conduct a significant amount of overseas business, you will find it necessary to equip yourself with a reliable international insurance policy. While shopping for one, you may find that it makes sense fiscally to buy an annual travel insurance policy.

There are multiple annual travel insurance policies available. One example is the Patriot Executive plan. This policy is for travelers making multiple trips of a duration no longer than 30 days during a year. It includes valuable medical benefits, but policyholders must be hold insurance coverage in their home country either through a group policy or through individual coverage.

If you are planning on longer trips, you may be interested in the TravelRite Annual Plan. this policy covers trips of up to 90 days, so if you're headed overseas for a longer-term business project this may be the plan for you. This plan offers medical coverage, and it includes protection for trip cancellation, hotel overbooking, and many of the other inconveniences which may arise while traveling.

These are just two of the many plans available in today's marketplace. figure out the details of your travel plans for the year, and then compare plans online to find the one that best suits your needs. These plans can save you thousands of dollars in medical expenses that could arise form illness or injury occurring abroad.

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