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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Travel insurance is an important purchase, no matter whether you are vacationing for a week or doing business for a month. The right plan can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars when emergencies arise, and the cost of buying it is inexpensive. The best way to buy it is online, and here are some reasons why.

The first reason it is a great idea to buy travel insurance online is that it gives you the opportunity to easily shop for the very best price.With just a few emails to insurance providers, you can review several different quotes to find the lowest price and best overall value for your specific needs. Gathering this information without the Internet could take you several hours of sitting through phone calls or even making in-person visits with agents.

Another reason it makes sense to buy online is that the venue provides you the opportunity to easily compare plans side-by-side. You can find all of the details of a plan, from what is an is not covered to how much each coverage item costs, on an insurer's web site. You can then take that info and decide what items you truly need covered and which ones you don't. Selecting the plan that has only coverage that you need is a great way to save extra money.

Finally, buying a plan online is very simple. Many companies now offer you the ability to purchase your policy and print out all of your documents online. So you can have immediate access to your insurance cards and plan manuals, rather than waiting a week or two for them to be mailed. You can research, compare, and buy everything you need from the privacy of your home - what could be better?
Preparing for an international trip takes a lot of planning. You will research the right days to go, the right airline to fly on, the right hotel to stay in, and the best prices available. But for all your hard work during the course of planning, mother nature will always have the final say on whether your travel plans go off without a hitch. With that in mind, you will want to make sure you are always prepared with trip cancellation insurance.

Severe weather can strike anywhere at anytime. From hurricanes to blizzards, every region of the world has its own unique weather conditions that can wreak havoc on your travel schedule. And while you may be able to work your plans around some of the most common issues (for example, avoiding tropical areas during hurricane season), the volcanic eruption in Europe earlier this year is proof that atmospheric events you could never anticipate may derail your plans.

If one of these events causes you to miss a connection, you could suddenly be faced with unforeseen financial issues. For example, missing a connection could cause you to need to buy a new ticket for another flight, without getting any reimbursement on your old ticket. So you could be paying twice as much for one flight! Or if you miss a night's stay in a hotel you had booked because of travel delays, you will lose that money unless you are insured.

Trip cancellation insurance protects these investments, offering reimbursement on cancellations and delays that occur for a variety of reasons. Even non-refundable flights may be covered by your policy! The cost of a plan is quite inexpensive, especially compared to what you will invest for your flight, hotel, and any events you may be attending. Do not let extreme weather disturb your travel plans AND dip into your bank account; protect yourself with insurance.

One of the most underused features of a travel insurance plan is actually the range of travel assistance services provided. Let’s say Carl visits Buenos Aires on business, with an international travel insurance plan that features several travel assistance services. When on the trip, he loses his travel documents and credit cards. Typically, travel assistance services include help and reimbursement in case of identity theft.

To get help, the insured must contact the insurance company (the local customer service number should work), and give the details of the theft. Depending on the plan, the insurance company offers advice on the next steps.

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to also help liaise with local law enforcement. Insurance companies are also able to provide assistance for the replacement of travel documents and the like. Many plans also offer concierge and ticket reservation services for sports and entertainment at the destination.

Travelers who purchase insurance will do well to take a quick look at the travel assistance services included in their plans. Sometimes, a quick phone call can help save a lot of time, effort, and money!

Travel tip: When in doubt, always call the insurance company’s local customer service number and ask them for assistance with your travel. If it’s not part of your plan, they will let you know!

You want to extend any benefit that you get in life to your children, and a travel insurance plan during a trip is no exception. With many plans such as the Travel Plus cover from Travelex, when you purchase a travel insurance plan for an adult, one child under 16 years is automatically covered, at no additional cost.

When Mary went to South Africa on a business trip in January, she was joined by her husband and their two children after her work, making it a brief family holiday. The best part was that the children had free travel health insurance, since she had cover from the Travel Plus plan. The children were thrilled with the warm weather and had a great time at the safari and camping trips, which were all crammed into one week.

Unfortunately, the change in the weather and the stress of doing everything within a week took its toll and all the children had to be hospitalized for a day for illnesses ranging from dehydration to sun burn.

The trip was also extended due to this and Mary had to cancel the flight back and book another a few days later. The Travel Plus insurance plan that she had taken to cover her and her husband, covered all these expenses and she did not have to compromise at all in the budget for the holiday.

Travel tip: Remember to check coverage for children no matter what plan you end up buying. Also check that children receive the same coverage as the adults on the plan.

When it comes to travel insurance, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all plan, mainly because of the vast differences in travel plans, individual life styles and different reasons for taking the trip.

Let’s say Stanley is a businessman who needs to go on international trips frequently for business reasons and there are many times when his trips are interrupted, canceled, or changed. He carries costly equipment with him and has to use Internet facilities in the airport when his flights are delayed. He can customize his international travel insurance to fit his needs.

The Adams go to a different country each year for a holiday and would like an insurance that would cover the costs of pet care while they are gone. They might, for example, want to choose a plan that takes care of the costs of pet care and kennel services, in case the trip is delayed.

John likes to have all bases covered before he goes on a trip and would like to ensure that things like nursing assistance are covered should he find himself alone and sick in an unfamiliar place. There is a package with higher medical coverage and extra services for such travelers, which John might be better off purchasing.

There are a hundred things that can go wrong when you are on an international visit, and sometimes they do go wrong. Though it is not possible to insure against these incidents happening, their financial impact can be guarded against by purchasing adequate international travel insurance.

Eve, an apprehensive traveler, had organized her trip carefully for a holiday to Egypt. Needless to say, that included travel insurance. But on the day of her flight, the fog delayed the flight and then the airlines company had to finally cancel the flight. She had to fly again after a few days and when she arrived in Cairo, found that the luggage she had checked in was lost.

In Egypt, she had a minor medical emergency when she fell down from a camel and had to be hospitalized for a day for observation as she had an injury to her head.

On the last day of her trip, when she and her husband were going to the airport, her purse that contained her passport and tickets was snatched by a thief and they had to wait for another two days before they could make arrangements to fly back. However, she hardly felt the pain financially; as all the above were covered under the Patriot TRIP® plan that she had bought as part of her travel plans.

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