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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Jane Wanderlust’s next travel is only going to involve her lazing around; yet, she wants to purchase adequate travel medical insurance for herself. Why isn’t she off skiing or bungee jumping? The reason is that she’s pregnant—and will be nearly 20 weeks along when she travels.

Many international travel health insurance plans exclude complications arising out of pregnancy from travel medical coverage. In fact, even some airplanes do not allow passengers who are close to their due date to travel on their aircraft.

However, Jane’s travel insurance plan from the Atlas Travel Series offers coverage for complications arising due to pregnancy within the first 26 weeks of gestation. That means that if Jane, when traveling, suddenly suffers a complication in her pregnancy, she will be covered for treatment related to the pregnancy.

The coverage ends after the 26th week of gestation. Many medical experts are of the opinion that a baby born before the 26th week has little to no chances of survival outside the mother’s womb. With her Atlas Travel insurance plan, Jane and her baby are both covered!

Always, always check with your healthcare provider about whether you can travel internationally before planning a trip when pregnant.

Recently, as everyone is probably aware, several flights from Europe to different parts of the world were delayed, due to the earthquake and the high concentration of ash in the atmosphere. Travelers who had taken an international travel insurance plan with Travel Guard’s Pack n Go did not worry at all.

These travelers waited out the delay in the comfort of hotels near the airport, carefully preserving their bills for the stay and the food, which they later submitted and got reimbursement for.

Some of the travelers with the Pack N Go travel insurance had to change their flights once the flight services were resumed. This meant that they had to go to a different airport and buy new tickets at another airline services. They were given the cost of the transportation and also the cost of the new tickets, which were of the same class as the earlier tickets.

There was the inevitable confusion about the baggage and some of it was misplaced in the delay and the missed flights and transportation. The coverage of all the baggage that was lost or misplaced continued till the issue was resolved and the baggage was restored. If the baggage was lost, the compensation was also given. Apart from the loss of time, the travelers did not suffer anything else.

Travel tip: Before assuming that your flight is delayed, though, always check that it is indeed the case. Even if all airlines are cancelling flights, your airline may offer you an alternate route, which means that you cannot always claim reimbursement.

Sam Traveler, our traveler who never leaves home without adequate travel insurance, was visiting India, where the filling of his tooth cavity was lost. He ignored it and his tooth got infected, and within a week, he required root canal treatment. He thought that the international travel insurance he had bought before traveling, would cover it.

While he was getting his tooth fixed, he was informed of some innovative capping options and he decided to have it done as the cost was considerably less than what it would have cost him back home. Since it was for the same tooth, he assumed that it would be covered under the travel insurance policy too.

After his return, he was dismayed to find that not only could he not get money for the capping, but the first visit to have his cavity filling fixed was also not covered in the policy. He went through a frustrating phase when he argued with the insurance company till he realized that he had not understood the conditions before getting the work done on his tooth. The treatment of the tooth was due to normal wear and tear that was not covered in the international travel insurance policy.

There are several such conditions not covered, including travelling against the advice of a physician, piloting or learning to fly an aircraft, emotional, psychological, mental or nervous disorder, and traveling to seek medication for a fatal condition.

Travel tip: If in doubt, call the insurance assistance service to find out if your treatment will be covered by your plan.

Different travel insurance packages offer different services and it makes good sense to know all the services offered before deciding on a trip because one never knows what kind of situation can arise during an international trip.

Most international travel insurance plans offer a standard package, which includes a 24-hour medical assistance helpline where you are assisted with references and recommendations about the medical facilities available. Conference calls are also organized between the attending physician and home physicians.

Second opinions are arranged if required, as are relaying messages to family during times of medical emergencies. Medical evacuation is organized if the area is not medically suitable to treat an illness. Medical or travel escorts are organized for minors if they are unaccompanied. Medical records are also transferred to specified location. There is also usually a ticketing service, which ensures that your family can visit, if required, during a medical emergency.

Many plans also offer information on visas and immunizations that need to be done before a trip. Weather information and embassy referrals are also part of the insurance plan services. Hotel accommodations and assistance of an interpreter are also available.

Travel tip: Even if insurance companies offer these services, remember that these are not included in the benefits, and the companies are not obliged to provide these services to a plan holder.

There is a tendency to take an existing illness for granted. You have it under control and there is nothing to worry about. That is what Jane Wanderlust’s father David thought about his diabetes when he was travelling to Europe on a vacation with his family. Fortunately, the international travel insurance plan included the coverage of pre-existing clause.

It was quite impossible to follow his careful routine which kept his diabetes under control and the novelty of the rich food that they enjoyed, resulted in an increase in his sugar level which required hospitalization.

Fortunately, the Travel Gap Single Trip plan covered the hospitalization costs entirely, including the ambulance charges and the post-hospitalization medication. The family was relieved that they did not have to dip into the funds meant for holiday shopping.

There are few insurance plans which offer coverage of pre-existing conditions where travel insurance is concerned and this coverage is something that the Travel Gap Single Trip plan covers.

Travel tip: Always carry extra supplies of your prescription medication when traveling.
Baggage has a mysterious way of getting lost in travel, however careful you are. And then you start feeling that everything that was in it was absolutely essential and more precious than it really was. A travel insurance plan lessens the impact and the feeling of loss to some extent.

The loss of baggage during a trip is covered under most travel insurance plans, provided you took all reasonable measures to protect and recover your luggage at all times. The coverage is for baggage that is lost or stolen as long as you had the baggage with you while you were travelling.

The maximum amount shown on the Confirmation of Coverage will be returned to you once you put in your claims. This coverage is in secondary to the coverage provided by the Common Carrier and will come into effect after such other benefits are exhausted.

Suppose your baggage is misplaced during the trip, something that happens with alarming regularity, then you will get reimbursement for expenses of personal effects, including clothes and hygiene products. This is applicable if your luggage is misplaced when you reach your destination, and not if you are returning home.

Travel tip: Make a list of all your personal items in your baggage, and keep the list with you during travel. It will serve as a handy reference if you need to file a claim.

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