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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

After watching all the action on ice in Vancouver, we can’t blame you if you are online, booking your tickets to the nearest ski resort to catch the last of the winter sports season. However, in all the Olympic-size excitement, don’t forget to purchase international travel insurance if you are planning a trip abroad for the action.

While your credit card might already offer you some coverage for travel, read the fine print carefully. Usually, insurance plans that are packaged do not offer adequate protection. For special trips such as ski trips, ensure that you have the coverage that you will need.

First things first, the skiing itself must be covered. Several travel insurance plans offer coverage for winter sports as a hazardous sports rider. However, there are also “sports insurance” plans that cover skiing as part of the basic plan.

Next, ensure that emergency medical evacuation is among the schedule of benefits. Ski accidents typically imply that the injured will be unable to move, and will require the services of an ambulance, so check that coverage as well. Also ensure that your maximum benefit is proportional to the average medical costs in the destination.

Travel Tip: Whether going in a group or solo, ensure that you let someone know where you plan to ski that day.

India was rocked by a bomb blast on Valentine’s Day—and for the second time, the target is a place frequented by international tourists. While the country is only on the list of travel alerts (and not warnings), the incident only underscores the need for trip cancellation insurance and international travel insurance with some coverage for terrorism-related acts.

One factor to consider in case of terrorist attacks is that the attack must be labeled a terrorist attack unequivocally. Investigations of attacks might take some times, however. So, it might be a while before an incident or attack is ascertained a “terrorist attack.”

Let’s say that you want to cancel your trip to India because of the recent attack. Since the U.S. government has not issued a travel warning for travel to India, you will not be able to recoup cancellation costs unless you have appropriate trip cancellation insurance.

Remember that all trip cancellation insurance will not work in the above example. Typical trip cancellation benefits include cancellation due to illness of the traveler, death of an immediate family member, destruction of the traveler’s primary residence, cessation of travel services to the destination, or jury duty of the traveler. You will need “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage offered by some plans such as Travel Guard Essential to cover situations such as the one mentioned above.

Travel tip: Before leaving on your international trip, research the recent history of terrorism at your destination adequately.

With terrorism not sparing any part of the world, the modern international traveler is forced to consider terrorism coverage in her travel insurance plan. Unfortunately, terrorism is no longer confined to regions where it originates. Rather, every country is a potential target, and it is especially important to consider coverage for terrorism when traveling to a country with a history of terrorist attacks.

The effects of a terrorist can be particularly devastating for a group, as morale and enthusiasm immediately dips. The group travel insurance plans offered by the Patriot Group offer coverage for injuries and illnesses caused by an act of terrorism. The plan offers a lifetime maximum benefit of $50,000 for terrorism-related medical claims.

However, it is important to note that an act of violence must be labelled a terrorist act before benefits can be awarded. Also, the Patriot Group travel insurance plans do not cover an act of terrorism if the U.S. government has issued a travel advisory against travel to the country any time within the past six months.

So, if you’re booking your tickets five months in advance of your trip, and you see that a travel advisory is in effect when you book the ticket, you need not look for coverage pertaining to terrorism.

Travel Tip: It is important to research a bit of the political climate of your destination, as that may have a bearing on terrorist activities in the country.

The recession is over. The economy has started showing signs of improvement, and with it, business opportunities abroad have picked up considerably. Remember that if you’re planning several overseas trips in the near future, your best bet is an annual travel insurance plan.

Annual long term travel insurance plans typically come with basic annual coverage along with coverage for trip cancellation, travel disruptions and delays, emergency medical expenses, credit card disasters and many more.

Accidents come unannounced. This makes it necessary to remain protected, especially when travelling abroad. Annual travel insurance plans also provide collision damage protection on your rental cars, to ensure that your business trip is smooth and enjoyable. Another mishap that can turn a trip into a bad dream is lost or damaged luggage. Baggage and personal effects coverage provided by an annual insurance plan can help cover the costs of replacement, so you can get on with your trip uninterrupted.

Most annual travel plans are suited for business executives who travel abroad a lot. These plans help the business traveler stay peaceful in the knowledge that all his/her trips are insured automatically. Annual plans are valid for one year irrespective of the number of trips undertaken.

Travel tip: Use the safe deposit locker provided in your hotel room to keep all your important office documents.

The snowiest winter on record for the nation’s capital is on course. Airports have been shut, offices closed, and the city brought to a virtual standstill. If you were going to travel to that part of the world, now is the time that your trip cancellation insurance will come in handy.

Trip cancellation insurance, which comes packaged with many travel insurance plans, is especially useful for travel to certain parts of the world during winter. It offers relief against cancellation of flights, closure of airports, and cancellation due to the death of an immediate family member. The reasons that are covered by trip cancellation insurance vary by plan.

When you are forced to cancel your trip due to a covered reason, remember that you will need documentation for your reason. So, if it’s the death of a family member, you will need a cope of the death certificate. Even if you purchase “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage, you will still need some proof of your situation.

Most plans do not cover cancellation “just because I felt like it.” Remember that the earlier you purchase trip cancellation insurance, the longer you will be covered. Purchasing the plan as soon as you buy the air tickets might also give you extra coverage, depending on the plan.

Travel tip: In winter, it is always best to purchase trip cancellation insurance for travel that will pass through the snow-friendly regions of the United States.

Winter is fading, which means that colleges will be closing soon for the spring break,much to the delight of all the students out there waiting to air their swim gear and head toward the warm and sunny Padre Island. Student travel insurance helps you with a fun-filled safe vacation before college resumes.

The Patriot Student plan gives you the benefit of trip cancellation for any unforeseen condition beyond your control. This plan can be availed by students who are below 25 years of age and who are planning to travel at least 120 miles away from their principal residence.

Patriot Student Travel plans come with coverage up to $5,000 for any unanticipated trip interruption. The schedule of benefits will give a better idea of the reasons for cancellation that are covered under the plan.

Other benefits of Patriot Student Travel insurance include travel delays, lost baggage, doctor visits, and emergency medical hospitalization. This plan also has the benefit of emergency medical evacuation to a city closest to your residence. Many people love this feature of the plan the most.

Travel tip: Always remember to note and keep emergency contact number of persons in your pocket other than a purse, so that in crisis you know you are not alone even when you have been robbed.

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