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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

International travel insurance is a primary requirement while you plan an abroad trip. In order to reap best benefits from the insurance plan, you need to follow some additional precautions while applying or filing claims.

While applying:

  • Disclose pre-existing medical conditions, your medical history and any symptoms of a health disorder, else the insurance provider can reject if you file any claims at a later date
  • Opt for direct claims settlement
  • Read exclusions as well as terms and conditions before finalizing the plan
  • While travelling

  • Take the insurance policy document copy and any id card given by your insurance provider
  • Note down the emergency helpline number and carry it wherever you go
  • Store important documents, travel tickets and the pictures of any expensive item that you are carrying
  • In case of filing claims

  • Follow the procedure strictly while filing claims and do it right the first time
  • In case you lose any item at the airport, insist on the receipt from the airlines of baggage handling section
  • Do not delay reporting about theft or loss of any item quickly

  • Senior citizens find limited choices and insurance providers willing to offer coverage for international travel. Most of these plans are pretty expensive and sometimes unaffordable by these aged people.

    Individuals with pre-existing medical conditions are often charged twice the premiums as compared to young adults. This is because the claims filed in case of any medical complications are also very high during old age as recovery is slower and difficult. Treatments may take longer and the amount of medical attention required is also quite high.

    Now that the average life span of individuals has increased, the number of senior citizens in the country has also increased a lot and the insurance demands of this section of people are very high. Exclusion of certain claims for travellers who have crossed the age of 70 is also another problem.

    As the trend of parents visiting their children staying in the US increases, the availability of visitors insurance plans for the older people is slowly increasing as the huge players come with certain insurance plans which are beneficial and affordable for this section.
    There are various types of travel medical insurance based on your needs.

    • Basic travel medical insurance covers the expenses incurred due to illness, accident and other exigencies which require immediate attention and assistance from a professional. It is better to seek coverage for all benefits that a typical domestic medical insurance covers in case you have planned for travel abroad for a long time.

    • Emergency travel medical insurance is generally recommended for travellers planning a short stay outside the homeland. This provides coverage for medical emergencies during your stay abroad. The coverage benefits are not too comprehensive but would suffice for any exigencies that may require immediate attention. Once the insured is back to the home country, medical care would be covered by a domestic health insurance policy.

    • Medical evacuation insurance plans would cover the cost of air transport to a medical set up and also the expenses incurred for treating the illness or injury. This is typically recommended in case you are going to engage yourself in hazardous or risky activities

    Once you decide to secure your advance investments that you have spent for your dream vacation, it is time to buy trip cancellation insurance.

    In order to enjoy the best benefits of the insurance plan, the following are some of the coverage that you can look for

    • Trip interruption due to personal reasons (like a dear one falling sick)

    • Trip cancellation or interruption due to problems in the destination country (war, terrorism, bad weather, etc…)

    • Trip interruption due to delayed flights during transit due to which you have missed the connecting flight. In this case, the insurance should cover for temporary accommodation and food expenses

    • Baggage delay cover (reimbursement to purchase the essentials)

    • Accommodation and other advance booking expenses which remain unutilized due to travel delays or cancellation

    • Emergency medical assistance in case of any injury or illness and the related expenses

    • Other non-refundable losses during the planned travel

    Ensure that you go through the policy document and purchase the trip cancellation insurance plan well in advance to be entitled for the maximum reimbursement.
    While planning on your travel abroad, your domestic health insurance coverage may not be very useful to protect you during medical emergencies. Hence you would have to opt for international travel health insurance coverage after evaluating your needs.

    You can also opt for group insurance and family health insurance plans with worldwide coverage to avail substantial discounts. It is important to declare the pre-existing medical conditions of each of the members insured under the plan.

    Read the terms and conditions and exclusions section before finalizing the plan. You should also consider whether the maximum coverage limit would be beneficial to you. In certain cases, opting for higher deductible health insurance plans can save a lot of premium.

    Ensure that you avail comprehensive coverage during your stay abroad so that highly expensive assistance like medical evacuation or repatriation are taken care of by the insurance provider. Though the possibility of this requirement seems bleak, you cannot take the risk of incurring huge financial expenses in case such emergency help is required.

    Make sure that the insurance provider offers direct claims settlement facility in case any medical assistance is availed under the plan.
    Individuals who plan to travel in groups can save a lot of money by opting for group travel insurance plans. Typically, this option is chosen by tour groups, social clubs, church groups, business organization and other professionals who travel together.

    You need to consult the insurance policy document to know more information about the minimum number of people required to purchase a group insurance plan. The group size necessarily need not be too large. In some cases, even three members can join together to buy a group insurance plan.

    Note that the benefit available for the entire insured members under a single group insurance plan is uniform. Hence, even if one person has a health disorder or a pre-existing medical condition, it needs to be declared and the coverage cost for this would be considered for all members while calculating the premiums.

    Since there a huge choice of insurance providers, you can research on the internet and compare the benefits and quotes before finalizing on a group insurance plan. Ensure that the group insurance plan you purchase provides medical coverage benefits that are suitable to all members of the group.

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