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  • Wednesday, August 23, 2017

When you go on vacation or travel for business, hiring a car is often the easiest way to get around, to see the sights and to get to important meetings. But driving abroad can be a lot different to driving at home. What do you do if you have an accident when driving abroad? First of all, make sure you have enough travel insurance to cover you abroad. With international travel insurance and some helpful advice, you can limit the damage caused by an auto accident.

If you are in a crash, contact the local police immediately. You will need to fill out a formal police report form. Make sure you do not admit any blame at the scene of the accident, or at the police station, even if it was your fault.

You need to exchange insurance information with the other party or parties, and the police or your consulate should be able to help you with this. If you rented your car, consult with the rental company.

If you do rent a car, make sure you are fully protected with insurance. Drive carefully when you are abroad. Even if the cars are the same, the rules of the road and driving habits may be very different.

First of all, if you discover that your wallet or purse is missing when you are travelling abroad, retrace your steps to see if you can retrieve your lost possessions. If you don’t find your wallet within a reasonable amount of time, call your credit card companies immediately. Here’s where international travel insurance is very useful. International travel insurance can help you recover what you lost.

Cancel your credit cards. If you lost travelers checks, call the bank that issued them. If you call immediately after the loss, the banks will be able to guarantee that you won’t be liable for any unauthorized use of the cards or checks.

If you can, go to the police station to file a report if you believe your possessions were stolen. This will make your insurance claim for theft more robust.

If you are stranded in a foreign country without any money and without any way to withdraw money from your account, go to your Embassy in the country. The Embassy can give you advice as to what to do, and can help you contact relatives or friends that can help.

Most hotels you will visit on your travels will be very safe and you won’t have a problem with security, especially if you visit the chain hotels and larger properties. However, occasionally you may encounter problems. Keep in mind that you need to take out international travel insurance to cover any potential issues. Be prepared with travel insurance and the following tips.

When you enter your room, look out for the closest emergency exit outside your room. you should also memorize how many doors there are between the exit and your room, and how many steps you need to take. This will be useful in case of a fire.

Don’t open the door to strangers and don’t give out your hotel room number. Always use the safety lock on your hotel door and keep the windows closed at night when you are staying on a floor close to the ground.

Keep all of your valuables and cash in the room safe, or the hotel safe. Keep your suitcase locked while you are in the room. When you leave the hotel for the day or night, take the address or a business card with you so you can easily get in touch if you need to.

Wearing a money belt when you travel abroad could save you a lot of money and a lot of stress. Prevent costly claims on your international travel insurance and the inconvenience of losing money abroad by choosing a money belt as a travel gadget. Travel insurance is essential, but it is always better not to have to claim on it.

There are many different styles of money belt available for travel. One style is constructed like a regular belt, and it functions like a belt as well as having a hidden compartment to store money and credit cards. You can also get a “No Beep” belt that will go safely through airport metal detectors.

The leg pouch money belt is strapped round your calf above the ankle and holds cash and credit cards. You can also buy a concealed neck pouch which hangs around your neck on a cord.

Even if you wear a money belt, it’s best not to carry too much cash on your person. Never carry all your cash and credit cards in one place because if you lose your belt, you lose everything.

According to recent research, many young people have no idea where their passport is. The Identity and Passport Service says many students and young people are risking the safety of their passport, and other important documents like student travel insurance policies, with careless handling. Losing a passport close to your vacation could result in you needing to use your trip cancellation insurance.

According to the survey, only half of the young people knew the location of their passport without having to look for it. Two thirds of the young people could not say, without checking their passport, when it was due for renewal.

Nearly half the youngsters said they didn’t keep their passport in a safe place or locked away. Many carried their passport with them or kept it in a drawer.

As a comparison, most youngsters knew exactly where their mobile phone or MP3 was without having to think or look for it. Many kept these valuable items locked up or in a safe place.

The US Department of Transportation says baggage complaints, including theft, are just behind flight problems in the most-complained-about stakes. What can you do to help prevent baggage theft? Of course, comprehensive international travel insurance will repay you if you do suffer from theft. Following this advice in combination with international travel insurance will minimize your risk of serious annoyance and financial loss.

Although baggage theft in the US is today relatively rare, there are many countries in the world where the problem persists. If you want to avoid your baggage disappearing, try the following tips.

Use hard-sided luggage, which is more difficult to cut into and therefore reach the contents without opening it. Use an approved lock or plastic cables to secure your bags and make it almost impossible for baggage thieves to get in.

Avoid overly expensive-looking luggage and make it look conspicuous by choosing bright colors or using bright straps. If thieves think they’ll draw attention to themselves, they’ll move onto another target. But the most important thing to remember is to pack everything valuable in your carry-on. Don’t pack invaluable items or those things you cannot live without.

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