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  • Wednesday, August 23, 2017

When you are traveling abroad on vacation or for business, travel insurance is an essential purchase. Many people decide to take out international travel insurance but are unclear what their policy covers. What should a good travel insurance policy include?

Your insurance policy should include medical and health coverage, for the treatment of illness of injury that you suffer from when you are abroad. It should also cover personal liability should you be sued for causing injury to someone else.

Travel insurance should also cover lost and stolen possessions, cash and bags. If you are taking part in water sports or other activities, check they are covered by the policy.

Ideally, travel insurance should have an emergency evacuation element that covers you if an air ambulance or flight is needed. Trip cancellation insurance is also an essential element of a good travel insurance policy. The policy should also cover you for all of the time you are away.

The rules for liquids on planes have changed a lot in recent years. What should you know now about carrying liquids on board? Read on for the latest information. And make sure you have international travel insurance before you fly – without travel insurance you are at risk of an expensive medical bill should you fall ill or be injured.

The US authorities have deemed that liquids in small quantities, as well as aerosols and gels, pose no risk to passengers on flights. Small quantities means a one-bag-per-traveler policy – your liquids and cosmetics must fit into one small bag that will be x-rayed separately to save time.

One small bag doesn’t mean a bag the same size as your carry-on. You are allowed one quart-sized, clear plastic bag with a zip top. Inside it you can have bottles up to 100ml in size.

If you have larger bottles, put them in your checked luggage. Declare items that go over the limits, such as medications and baby formula or food. Officials may need to manually screen these items for extra security.

Many people think they know what they can take with them on the airplane, but every day travelers lose their possessions because they haven’t understood the baggage limits on flights. Be prepared with all the information, plus international travel insurance. Your possessions are protected if you take out international travel insurance with baggage cover.

The Transport Security Administration in the United States offers guidance on the rules regarding flight baggage. Check with the administration if you are uncertain about a particular item of baggage.

You are not permitted to take sharp objects like knives, razor blades, or meat cleavers in your carry-on baggage, although you can now take scissors with blades shorter than four inches.

You can’t carry baseball or cricket bats, golf clubs or hand weights in your carry-on baggage. But these sporting items can be carried in your checked luggage. Most legal items can be carried on the plane if they are packed in the luggage that travels in the hold.  Flares, explosives and fuels are generally not allowed anywhere on the plane.

The US Department of State can offer some help to US citizens in the event of an emergency situation overseas. However, the help offered doesn’t cover you completely and you also need international travel insurance. Protecting yourself with international travel insurance is essential for a number of reasons.

In certain situations, the US government only provides information and advice so if you need to leave the area where you are staying you are responsible for organizing your transport and accommodation. Without travel insurance you may find it difficult to pay for new hotel rooms or, if you miss your flight, another flight home.

In other situations, the US State Department recommends its citizens leave the affected country and will then provide departure assistance if commercial transportation is not available. However, you will need to pay for both these forms of transport.

If you have no money at the time, you can still leave on US transportation but you must pay back the US government for your fare. If you have international travel insurance, you can claim money back for your costs in the event of a natural disaster or terrorism event.

If you are traveling to another country for medical treatment or aesthetic plastic surgery, you need to be aware of the risks. Your international travel insurance may not cover you for illness or injury sustained as a result of your medical treatment. If you are ill, you may benefit from trip cancellation insurance just in case you are too sick to travel.

Choose your medical facility carefully. Some hospitals and healthcare centers may not have the same standards of cleanliness and hygiene as US hospitals.

Find out about the qualifications of the staff and the experience of the hospital. Check mortality rates and look at the success rate of your kind of surgery. Arrange follow-up care and travel arrangements.

Check if you are allowed to fly with your medical condition. If you fly when you are not permitted to, you may invalidate your travel medical insurance policy. Also consider whether you are well enough to make a long journey.

If you’re heading off to a music festival or other entertainment event in a foreign location this summer, make sure you don’t forget about travel insurance. Police and authorities warn that music festivals are prime locations for lost and stolen belonging. Without travel insurance, you could end up paying a very expensive price for your ticket.

Staying in tents and carrying cameras, phones and other equipment around with you puts you at high risk of theft and loss. If you have a mobile device like a Blackberry or iPhone, the cost of replacement can be very high.

If you are attending a festival in your home country check that you are covered by your home contents insurance. If you are attending overseas, you need to take out travel insurance to protect your belongings.

Also, accidents happen at festivals and if you are travelling overseas to attend an event you need to make sure you will be able to access medical care should you be injured. Without travel medical insurance you could face a large bill at the end of your trip.

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