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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • Check Before You Reschedule: Cruise Insurance

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Sailing through the seas is a unique experience, and can truly make you feel like the “king of the world.” When a traveler purchases cruise insurance, there is the assumption that all cancellations will be covered.

However, consider the case of Amy White, a Londoner. She purchased a cruise to Alaska. She also purchased travel insurance. She had to fly from London to New York, and then on to Seattle to catch her cruise. When weather-related causes delayed her flight to New York, she knew she would miss her cruise.

So she booked an alternate route through Seattle, which was also, unfortunately, delayed. When she filed a claim for the entire trip, the insurance company refused to pay her for the extra expense involved in the alternate route. Remember that different cruise and travel cancellation policies have different rules for cancellation.

What could Amy have done? Amy might have benefited from the travel assistance services offered by most insurance companies. These 24-hour traveler assistance and help lines can help answer most insurance-related queries.

Travel tip: Always remember to get the name of the customer service agent who serves you, along with the time of the call. It will come in handy in case you might need to follow up.

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