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  • Monday, August 21, 2017

  • Claiming insurance for lost baggage

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Getting reimbursed for your lost luggage could be a tedious and lengthy process. Lot of time and sometimes money would go in to get back your reimbursement. Hence, in the case of losing your personal belongings, evaluate the value of your baggage and decide whether it would be worth your effort. Next, be prepared to deal patiently on this issue as getting reimbursement may take some time.

The following are the immediate steps you need to take in case you lose your belongings

  • Report within 3 – 4 hours at the luggage claim helpdesk at your airport. Otherwise, your claim may be denied

  • You may be asked to fill in some documentation as well as claim forms by the airlines

  • Take a copy of the documented forms for future use with your travel insurance company

  • Consult your international travel insurance policy document and find out the timeframe within which you need to file the claim with your insurance provider

  • List the belongings that you have lost and its worth.

  • Attach the proof of your loss and the documentation at the airport. You may have to fill in some additional documentation required by the insurance company

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