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  • Monday, August 21, 2017

  • Common Sense and Travel Insurance

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Sam Traveler (say) is a legendary international traveler. While he has traveled all over the world, he never leaves home without two things: his toothbrush, and travel insurance. For all those Doubting Thomases who wonder whether international travel insurance is even worth it, he always has a story to tell.

And because he’s traveled since he was a little kid, he has perspective on all kinds of travel and insurance: student travel insurance, trip cancellation insurance, missionary insurance, and in an unbelievable story, marine crew insurance.

The one thing that Sam lives by is this: It never hurts to be prepared. While some may consider the purchase of travel insurance as proof that you are not willing to rough it out, Sam has this to say: You can only rough it out if you’re alive!

With increasing news of common carrier accidents and a stress- and deadline-oriented work atmosphere, a trip planned is no longer a trip undertaken. It only makes sense to purchase adequate insurance to get the peace of mind that is necessary to fully enjoy the overseas trip.

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