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  • Monday, August 21, 2017

  • Confusing Cruise Cancellation Clauses: Insurance to the Rescue

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When booking a cruise, the operator will probably also check with you about whether you want to purchase cruise insurance from them. Remember to shop around before saying “yes” to the first insurance that you come across (typically, the operator’s cruise insurance).

It is very common for people to think of cruises like plane tickets—if you are unable to make a certain date, you can easily push the date, albeit with a small fee. But cruises are ore about the experience—and so, are unlikely to accommodate you on a later cruise because you are unable to make the booked cruise.

That is true even if you have a valid reason, including the death of a close family member. Consider the case of Ms. Murray, who booked a last minute cruise and had to cancel her tickets at the last minute.

After several phone calls to various people, and sending across supporting documents to the cruise company, she received a note saying policies prohibit rescheduling of cruise tickets. The best way to ensure that your cruise money is safe is purchasing cruise insurance with a reliable insurance company.

Travel tip: Remember to land at the port of departure a day or two before the cruise departs, to minimize the chances of simply “missing” the cruise.

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