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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • Controversial Event Increases Your Need for Trip Cancellation Insurance

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Anyone paying attention to the news over the past few weeks has likely heard of the controversial plan of a Florida-area pastor who plans to hold a Qu'ran-burning event. While leaders throughout the world have denounced this idea, and the pastor seems to have backed off of his plans, the U.S. State Department has issued a travel advisory for U.S. citizens. When unexpected events like this arise, you will feel more secure if you have purchased trip cancellation insurance.

The department's rationale for issuing the advisory is that they anticipate anti-U.S. demonstrations in countries throughout the world due to this event. These demonstrations could potentially make it difficult and dangerous for Americans to travel to other countries.

With this warning being issued, you may no longer feel safe visiting another country for a few weeks. But if you have bought airline tickets and hotel accommodations already, what are you to do? After all, those are not cheap, and airlines and hotels are typically not willing to offer refunds or re-bookings.

With trip cancellation insurance, you can cancel or re-schedule flights, hotels, and events with as little as a few days notice and not lose your investment. This even applies to many flights which are advertised as nonrefundable. Therefore, when potentially dangerous situations like this arise, or even when your personal or professional schedule gets in the way of previously-arranged travel, you know that you won't be taking a big financial hit.

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