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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • Cornering the Liaison Travel Insurance Plan Administrators

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While purchasing international travel insurance is very important when traveling abroad, not all plans are alike. While coverage and premiums are different for each plan, plan administrators are also different. Travel insurance plan administrators might be different from the insurance company. The Liaison plans are administered by Seven Corners Inc.

Seven Corners is associated with over 12,000 hospitals and doctors around the world. Seven Corners also provides appropriate assistance for travelers, with its Seven Corners Assist service. This service helps locate medical care when you are traveling and are looking for a doctor or hospital.

When purchasing travel insurance, it is important to consider the track record of the plan administrator. In the case of the Liaison plans, the administrator is Seven Corners International. International travel insurance plans are best administered by a company that has experience in the business, especially in dealing with international plans and handling international claims.

Seven Corners has 17 years of experience in the insurance business, and has provided medical insurance to corporations, worldwide travelers, expatriates, students, and immigrants, among others. With a presence in over a hundred countries, Seven Corners has the experience required to manage international travel plans efficiently.

Travel tip Strong plan administrators translate into more efficient processing of claims and provision of additional services.

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