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  • Monday, August 21, 2017

  • Cruising Around the World with Insurance

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This is one of the best times to be sailing across to the Caribbean, albeit a bit expensive—however, that is no reason to skip purchasing cruise insurance. Kids are in school, and the winter is just slowly getting a bit too much in the north. A break to sunny Caribbean will be perfect!

When you book your Caribbean cruise, you want to consider that peak-season cruises are typically more expensive than off-season ones. While November through April is the typical peak season, booking early enough can save you some money.

Also, when you purchase cruise insurance, the cruise operator will likely offer you cruise insurance as a package. Read the terms and conditions of coverage very carefully before signing on the dotted line. Most insurance plans offered by the operators are inadequate and cost more than insurance purchased elsewhere.

Falling ill at sea can be a scary experience, and before purchasing cruise tickets, check how many doctors will be on board. Also ask any friends or family who have already been on the cruise about medical facilities. Don’t sign on the cruise-sponsored insurance as a formality—you want to ensure you have enough coverage.

Travel tip: When you purchase cruise insurance, remember that coverage across all the ports of call, and emergency medical evacuation coverage are vital and can potentially be lifesavers.

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