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  • Monday, August 21, 2017

  • Deadly Mexican Influenza Making Its Way North? Seven in U.S. Ill from Mutated Flu Strain

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Deadly Mexican Influenza Making Its Way North? Seven in U.S. Ill from Mutated Flu Strain Human Contact Spreading Mutated Strain of Swine Flu; CDC Expects Number of Cases to Rise; Get Complete Coverage at Healthcare Industry Today WASHINGTON, April 24 - /EIN NEWS/ An unusual strain of swine flu has infected seven people Texas and Southern California, and the CDC believes that, unlike many animal-borne illnesses, this virus can spread from person to person.  According to the CDC’s Nancy Cox, the virus appears to be a mixture of the swine, avian and human strains of influenza. This mutant virus cropping up near the Mexican border comes on the heels of a mystery respiratory illness in Mexico that has baffled the health community. More than 20 people have died from influenza in Mexico, forcing Mexico City to cancel school for millions of children.  Is the world watching the start of a flu pandemic? And its starting point: North America? If not, the mutation of such viruses and spread within the human population is cause enough for alarm.  Learn more about this breaking story from the EIN News team on these news sections:—Latest news from Healthcare Industry Today - http://health.einnews.com—Latest swine flu pandemic news - http://health.einnews.com/news/swine-flu-pandemic—Latest H1N1 flu virus news - http://health.einnews.com/news/h1n1-flu-virus—Latest Mexico flu news - http://health.einnews.com/news/mexico-flu  Are you getting the full story about the impact of this strain of swine flu and what’s being done to combat it? EIN News spans the globe to deliver to you the full story from the world’s top news sources.  Used by governments and institutions the world over, EIN News is a worldwide leader in news monitoring, indexing more than 35,000 news sources daily and offering more than 200,000 news feeds on a multitude of topics. Sign up for EIN News’s free trial to discover a week’s worth of the most important stories that you can have delivered to your inbox, iPhone, Blackberry or other mobile device.  Contact: EIN News .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Tel: +1 202 657 5158 Fax : 202 478 2767 http://www.einnews.info  EIN News is a service of the IPD Group Inc.

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