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  • Monday, August 21, 2017

  • Delay Caused by Threatening Call Could Cost Passengers Without Trip Cancellation Insurance

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It seems like airline travel is becoming an increasingly unpredictable proposition. Beyond personal and professional issues which might pop up to prevent or delay travel plans that you have already scheduled, you also need to worry about mechanical issues, weather delays, and safety issues like the one which caused a delay last week. With these factors always looming in the background, it is important to always protect your flight plans with trip cancellation insurance.

In the incident in question, a Hawaiian Airlines flight scheduled to head from Los Angeles to Honolulu was delayed due to a threat issued in a phone call. For many of the 225 people on the flight, Honolulu was likely their end destination, so the delay was more of an inconvenience than anything. But some travelers may have been connecting in Honolulu on their way to Japan or a similar international destination.

This delay could have caused them to miss their connecting flight. And that could be extremely costly if they have to purchase new tickets, if they miss out on a night in a hotel they have already booked, or if they have purchased event tickets that they will no longer be able to use. Thankfully, trip cancellation insurance can protect those significant investments.

This type of insurance will allow you to recoup any lost expenses on flights and subsequent travel plans that are delayed or cancelled. This includes cancellations that you make voluntarily or from situations beyond your control. And you can make the cancellation in some instances with as little as 48 hours notice - even on refundable flights.Think of how much you are spending on travel plans; can you afford to lose that because of a delay?

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