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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • Dive in to Close the Insurance Gap

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You’re excited about your upcoming scuba diving trip to the Caribbean. However, the nuber of international travel insurance plans has you confused. Since a major part of your trip will include scuba diving, you’re looking for a plan that already covers it. TravelGap’s insurance plans may just be perfect for you.

TravelGap’s Voyager and Excursion plans come prepackaged with coverage of $10,000 for “claims resulting from downhill alpine skiing and scuba diving.” To avail of the scuba diving benefit, the plan holder must be certified by a professional scuba diving association, or the dive should have been under the supervision of a certified instructor.

Other benefits of the TravelGap plans include hospitalization and consultation, and dental care resulting from injury, and pain. The Excursion plan offers better benefits, covering pre-existing conditions. The Excursion plan also offers 100% coverage for prescription drugs outside the United States, compared to 50% of the Voyager plan.

However, the Excursion plan requires the applicant to have a valid primary health insurance plan during purchase, while the Voyager plan has no such restrictions. Choose the plan that works for you best, and go ahead and enjoy that dive!

Travel tip: Always, always scuba dive with a buddy. Keep and eye on your dive buddy, and check on him/her often. It could be the difference between life and death.

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