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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • Do You Know Where Your Passport Is?

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According to recent research, many young people have no idea where their passport is. The Identity and Passport Service says many students and young people are risking the safety of their passport, and other important documents like student travel insurance policies, with careless handling. Losing a passport close to your vacation could result in you needing to use your trip cancellation insurance.

According to the survey, only half of the young people knew the location of their passport without having to look for it. Two thirds of the young people could not say, without checking their passport, when it was due for renewal.

Nearly half the youngsters said they didn’t keep their passport in a safe place or locked away. Many carried their passport with them or kept it in a drawer.

As a comparison, most youngsters knew exactly where their mobile phone or MP3 was without having to think or look for it. Many kept these valuable items locked up or in a safe place.

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