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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Don’t Get Caught with an Insurance Gap!

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In a recent trend, more young graduates are taking a year off before employment in what is called a “gap year” program. Commonly called “gapping,” the program is usually international, and involves an extended stay and work in areas that are in need of help. When students travel for their gap year experience, one thing they must always keep in mind is international travel insurance.

A gap year is seen not just as a year off to cool off, but a year that can provide a young mind with focus, perspective, and valuable skills on the job. However, ever too often, the young ignore health insurance when they are healthy, and regret it when they fall ill.

If you are considering taking a gap year off, remember a few things about the insurance you would want. You want to purchase insurance at the same time as you are placed in the gap year program, or buy tickets. In that case, you are covered even if your plans don’t quite pan out.

Also remember to be completely forthright in your insurance application. If you withhold information and care caught out, you will not be reimbursed even a penny! Some gap year programs are medical in nature. Even so, you might not be eligible for free medical care at your facility—check before you decide to forego any kind of insurance!

Travel tip: When traveling as part of a gap year program, ensure that all your insurance documents are copied, and have one copy with your program manager, and one copy with you.

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