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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • Don’t Let Terror Win; Get Insurance

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India was rocked by a bomb blast on Valentine’s Day—and for the second time, the target is a place frequented by international tourists. While the country is only on the list of travel alerts (and not warnings), the incident only underscores the need for trip cancellation insurance and international travel insurance with some coverage for terrorism-related acts.

One factor to consider in case of terrorist attacks is that the attack must be labeled a terrorist attack unequivocally. Investigations of attacks might take some times, however. So, it might be a while before an incident or attack is ascertained a “terrorist attack.”

Let’s say that you want to cancel your trip to India because of the recent attack. Since the U.S. government has not issued a travel warning for travel to India, you will not be able to recoup cancellation costs unless you have appropriate trip cancellation insurance.

Remember that all trip cancellation insurance will not work in the above example. Typical trip cancellation benefits include cancellation due to illness of the traveler, death of an immediate family member, destruction of the traveler’s primary residence, cessation of travel services to the destination, or jury duty of the traveler. You will need “Cancel for Any Reason” coverage offered by some plans such as Travel Guard Essential to cover situations such as the one mentioned above.

Travel tip: Before leaving on your international trip, research the recent history of terrorism at your destination adequately.

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