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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Excess valuation baggage insurance

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Imagine your luggage gets lost or damaged while you travel in an airline. In that case, the airline is bound to compensate a certain amount by law. However, the flight carrier would try its best to bring down the value of your baggage in order to minimize the loss. If you want to prove it otherwise, you need to produce the receipts of the items that you had carried in the baggage. This is not really possible every time.

For passengers who travel with expensive items, the compensation that they would be entitled to by default may be too low as compared to the actual value of the baggage. This is when EV (excess valuation) comes into picture.

EV is the additional amount that you would be entitled for over and above the default compensation, in case your personal baggage is damaged of lost during transit. You need to pay a small fee in advance and also declare the valuables that you carry before take off.

Whether you would require EV or not depends on the real worth of your baggage. The additional expense is worth if the value of your personal belonging is too high.

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