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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • Food for Travel

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If your travel takes you to any of these destinations, seek out these exquisites.

In Netherlands try a rijsttafel (“rice table”), the ultimate Indonesian meal, with as many as 36 delightfully exotic courses, all eaten with rice. A single meal will be enough for more than two people. So be careful before you order.

The choice of drink in Edinburgh, Scotland should not be beer but whisky. A whisky there is as refined as wine. You would suddenly feel like an expert taster. Leslie’s Pub with its huge whisky selection, listed on a six page menu, is a hit amongst travelers.

Belgians are famous for their chocolate. There is one exotic chocolate maker in every Belgian burg. A place that is family run should be your choice for buying one.

In Portugal’s fishing towns, you’ll find boiled percebes (barnacles) sold on the street; these are the Portuguese answer to beer nuts. Let a local show you how to strip and eat one.

Greek food is marked by simplicity and is very delicious. The four Greek food groups are olives (and olive oil), salty feta cheese, tasty tomatoes, and crispy phyllo dough. You’re welcome to go into the kitchen and point to the dish you’d like. This is a good way to make some friends, sample from each kettle, get what you want (or at least know what you’re getting), and have a truly memorable meal.

Be brave.

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