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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • Have a Worriless Spring Break with Patriot Student Insurance

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Winter is fading, which means that colleges will be closing soon for the spring break,much to the delight of all the students out there waiting to air their swim gear and head toward the warm and sunny Padre Island. Student travel insurance helps you with a fun-filled safe vacation before college resumes.

The Patriot Student plan gives you the benefit of trip cancellation for any unforeseen condition beyond your control. This plan can be availed by students who are below 25 years of age and who are planning to travel at least 120 miles away from their principal residence.

Patriot Student Travel plans come with coverage up to $5,000 for any unanticipated trip interruption. The schedule of benefits will give a better idea of the reasons for cancellation that are covered under the plan.

Other benefits of Patriot Student Travel insurance include travel delays, lost baggage, doctor visits, and emergency medical hospitalization. This plan also has the benefit of emergency medical evacuation to a city closest to your residence. Many people love this feature of the plan the most.

Travel tip: Always remember to note and keep emergency contact number of persons in your pocket other than a purse, so that in crisis you know you are not alone even when you have been robbed.

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