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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Have Insurance, Will Travel: International Emergencies

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While international travel to remote parts of the world is becoming more and more common, it is also an inescapable fact that more areas of the world are becoming unsafe due to political turmoil and terrorist activity. Most travel insurance plans of today feature coverage that reflects this new reality.

The Patriot Executive Annual Group plan, which offers groups travel insurance for travelers from and to the United States, features benefits for international emergency care, which includes political evacuation, emergency evacuation, and emergency reunion benefits.

The political evacuation clause provides for the transportation of the plan holder to the nearest safe destination or to the home country, in case the U.S. Department of State issues a travel advisory against travel to the destination after the plan holder’s arrival at the destination.

The insurance company will pay up to $10,000 under this benefit. To avail this benefit, the plan holder must contact the insurance within 10 days of the travel advisory, and political evacuation and repatriation must be approved and coordinated by the insurance company.

Travel tip: Do some research about the destination prior to your trip. While that is no guarantee you will spot any danger, it will help you avoid areas of conflict within the country, for your own safety.

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