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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Help From US Department of State In A Travel Crisis

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The US Department of State can offer some help to US citizens in the event of an emergency situation overseas. However, the help offered doesn’t cover you completely and you also need international travel insurance. Protecting yourself with international travel insurance is essential for a number of reasons.

In certain situations, the US government only provides information and advice so if you need to leave the area where you are staying you are responsible for organizing your transport and accommodation. Without travel insurance you may find it difficult to pay for new hotel rooms or, if you miss your flight, another flight home.

In other situations, the US State Department recommends its citizens leave the affected country and will then provide departure assistance if commercial transportation is not available. However, you will need to pay for both these forms of transport.

If you have no money at the time, you can still leave on US transportation but you must pay back the US government for your fare. If you have international travel insurance, you can claim money back for your costs in the event of a natural disaster or terrorism event.

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