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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Homework and Spadework to Make Your Travel Insurance Work

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You’ve heard this many times before: When purchasing travel insurance, read the fine print. Research the plans thoroughly before signing on. What does that mean, though? What can you practically do to ensure that the chances of any claim you make are honored? Here’s a quick tip-list.

Check the company that is underwriting the international travel insurance policy, and also the insurance company. While most plan brochures mention the company’s A.M. Best ratings, some may not. Look for a rating of A and above. Always purchase travel insurance plans from a reputed website.

Also, ensure that you are purchasing travel insurance. There are other kinds of travel protection such as travel waiver and travel protection. While travel waiver merely gives you credit for future travel if you don’t make your current plan, the term “travel protection” is simply undefined and is used to mean a variety of things. Remember that only travel insurance plans are subject to laws and arbitration.

Always ask questions. Do not assume that all is lost if you find your newly purchased travel insurance plan does not have the coverage you need. Call the company’s customer service number and find out. You might be able to upgrade to a plan that does feature the coverage, or simply cancel for a refund. Most plans allow a grace period.

Travel tip: Check your current plans to find out if any of them apply to your travel. Some homeowners’ plans, for instance, may cover the loss of your personal effects like your camera.

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