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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • How Much Do You Have Invested in Your Vacation?

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Add up the cost of your upcoming vacation and don’t stop at the cost of the flight and the hotel. Calculate excursion bookings, resort reservations, non-refundable tickets to shows and pre-booked transport. How much did you invest? And the question is - could you afford to lose it?

Trip cancellation insurance is triggered by a number of occurrences – all horrible, especially right before you’re due to jet off to the Bahamas. You may not be able to travel because of illness, or the illness of a family member. Bad weather events, like a hurricane, can screw your vacation plans. As can burglary. You may lose your job and decide a vacation isn’t on the cards anymore.

Trip cancellation insurance usually covers the cost of your non-refundable vacation investment. If you can’t take your trip as planned, you won’t lose out and you can reschedule your plans for a better time.

It’s not only money – the emotional attachment to a trip can be huge. But while you may not get back your relaxation time with cancellation insurance, you will at least be covered for the financial investment you made.

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