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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • How Much Should I Spend On Travel Insurance?

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When you are working out how much travel insurance to buy, you need to consider whether you are choosing an annual travel insurance policy or single trip coverage. Both types of travel insurance offer the benefits you need to protect yourself when you travel, but there are differences in price.

Most importantly, and whether you buy an annual or single trip policy, you need to make sure that whatever international travel insurance you buy covers your vacation completely. You need to buy for the whole time you are away, and choose coverage that meets the requirements of your vacation. For example, winter sports coverage, or trip cancellation coverage.

When you have narrowed down the search to a few options, look to see what is included in each plan. One cheaper plan may offer half the level of coverage for trip cancellation than a more expensive policy. Some plans don’t cover baggage, so you need to decide if that is important.

The cheapest travel insurance policy is not necessarily the best. If you try to cut corners by opting for a basic, cheap plan you put yourself at risk of problems if an accident or incident happens.

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