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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • How to Carry Money Safely on Your Travels

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When you travel abroad you are highly likely to be carrying money for at least some part of your trip. While a debit or credit card can be very useful on your travels, you do need cash for buying smaller items and paying for meals in restaurants where there is no card payment facility. Cash is often essential when there is not a reliable infrastructure of card payments. But be careful how much cash you carry. Never carry all the cash you need for your entire trip at one time – if needed, leave cash in the hotel safe in a sealed envelope. For carrying small amounts of cash, several items are useful to make sure your money is safer.

A money belt is the first thing many travelers look at when they are buying items for securely storing money. There are hundreds of different designs to choose from, all of which are designed to be worn as a belt around your midriff, under or above your clothes. The belt is much better worn under clothes as it is hidden from potential thieves.

You can also buy leg and arm pouches that are designed to be strapped round your leg or arm to conceal your money. These pouches are secured with straps that can be adjusted for a good fit. Leg and arm pouches are useful but they can be a little bulky and in hot climates uncomfortable. But they are easy to access and they leave your hands free.

You can also choose a pouch that hangs around your neck on a cord, designed to be worn under your clothing. If you are choosing this option choose a pouch that fits you under your clothes – adjust the strap so it lies flat over your stomach or your chest. Whatever way you choose to carry your cash, make sure it is insured with travel insurance. If you do lose money or have it stolen, travel insurance helps replace the missing money.

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