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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • How to Protect Your Laptop When Traveling

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If you own a laptop you’ll understand how essential it is to your work life and personal life. So essential, in fact, that you will carry it with you when you travel, whether you travel for business of pleasure. Because your laptop is so important – and because it is probably valuable financially as well – you need to protect it when you travel. Many people are so used to carrying their laptop with them at home they don’t think about the possible dangers of taking a laptop on vacation or a business trip abroad. Good quality travel insurance is essential in the event you damage or lose your laptop abroad but you can prevent that by following some sensible precautions.

Make sure you carry your laptop with you on the plane and definitely don’t check it into your hold baggage. The chances of it being damaged in the hold are very high. When you have it with you on the plane you are in control. Increase the control you have by storing it under the seat in front of you and not overhead – people will put heavy bags on top of it and may even drop the bag on the floor when they are trying to stow their own bags. Consider turning your laptop on before you get to security so you won’t be slowed down if the officials ask you to turn it on to prove it is a working computer.

Be careful when using your laptop in public places. One of the benefits of a laptop is you can work or surf the net in cafes or bars but the risk is that someone will like the look of it and will be waiting for a chance to steal it. Always keep your laptop with you and don’t be distracted by anything that causes you to move away from your computer – scams abound with thieves distracting tourists in order to swipe their laptop.

Make sure your travel insurance covers your laptop. You may be surprised to learn that some policies don’t. It is better to be safe than sorry. Check your policy, and never leave your laptop unattended if only for a second.

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