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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • How to Save Money on Travel (Without Sacrificing Insurance) VI: At the Destination

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The last thing a traveler wants to do is fall ill during the trip, regardless of whether he/she has international travel insurance. However, it comes in very handy in case of any injury or illness, and there is no reason to visit a country without adequate insurance.

If you’re looking to save money, there are so many more ways of doing that other than skimping on insurance. For one, create a travel budget. It is so easy to lose track of expenses, with international credit cards providing an easy way of payment throughout the world.

Also, try and “go local.” When you’re shopping, looking for accommodation, or even airfare, local establishments often provide the best price. The international chains come with an extra price tag, in several countries. It’s also a good idea to look for and sample local food, instead of always eating at the hotel.

Many cities around the world offer world-class public transportation, and if you are lucky enough to be visiting such a city, take full advantage of it. Traveling by taxi is not just more expensive, it is also slower in a lot of places.

Travel tip: When shopping, remember that fixed prices are not the norm in many countries; however, that trend is changing. Ensure that you know whether bargaining is encouraged before getting into the swing of things.

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