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  • Wednesday, August 23, 2017

  • Humanity Calls, but Leave With Proper Missionary Insurance

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Not all missions are planned ones. While most are well thought-out and scheduled, there sometimes emerges a need of such magnitude that there is no time for preparation. However, that is no reason why mission volunteers should skip picking up appropriate missionary travel insurance.

Take, for instance, the situation in Haiti. Scores of churches around the United States have been sending mission volunteers to the island nation. While chaos reigns supreme, these mission volunteers often provide vital assistance during times of emergency. It becomes all the more important that the mission volunteers stay healthy, and that is not just for their well-being.

Falling ill when on a mission can put a strain on the already overstretched resources of rescue efforts. And recall the aftershocks of the earthquake that were felt nearly eight days after the initial quake. Rescue zones are usually areas where danger lurks just around the corner.

Missionary insurance helps by providing the rescue worker with enough coverage against sudden illnesses and accidents. If the volunteer catches a serious infection, treatment might require a sum of money that the mission cannot afford. Nor does it make sense for the missionary to live in fear of the impending illness. Missionary insurance is just the coverage that will help the volunteer work in the confidence that he/she is well protected.

Travel tip: Always follow basic safety health precautions when working on missions. The last thing missions need is an ill missionary.

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