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  • Wednesday, August 23, 2017

  • I’m Only Taking a Week’s Vacation Overseas – Do I Really Need Travel Insurance?

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“I’m so excited – I’m taking my family on a vacation to Europe for a week. I have everything we need – travel documents, airline tickets, hotel reservations, a rental car, and tickets to some shows and theme parks we want to visit What else could I possibly need?” Does that sound familiar? You’ve probably heard someone say it before, or maybe you’ve said it yourself. There is one important element missing from those travel preparations – travel insurance.

Even on short trips like the week vacation mentioned above, a travel insurance policy is a good investment. The truth is, a week may not seem like a long time, but you only need a single moment for injury or illness to strike. Traveling, especially overseas, poses a number of simple but dangerous threats. From car accidents to airborne illnesses to food poisoning, the most mundane activities on your vacation could potentially lead to a hospital visit. This is just a simple fact.

Without an insurance plan, a hospital visit can be a very expensive problem. You could be facing anywhere from hundreds of dollars in fees to thousands of dollars, all because of one unforeseen incident With insurance on your side, however, the bulk of those fees will be absorbed, leaving you to pay only a fraction of the costs.

Remember our example above and how it listed the many items purchased in preparation for a trip? Buying plane tickets, hotel rooms, a rental car, and event tickets is a significant investment. Especially if you are taking your family with you. Now, think of all the things that can go wrong while traveling from one country to another: flight delays, cancellations, missed connections – any of these can cause you to miss the flights, hotels, and events you’ve booked. And most if not all of those will be nonrefundable. But your travel policy may come with, or allow an additional purchase of, special coverage that protects your investment so if a cancellation occurs, you do not lose the cost of your purchases. It is one more way this type of insurance makes fiscal sense, even on short trips.

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